RMLRA Newsletter - 2/11/2017

posted Feb 12, 2017, 9:48 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Feb 12, 2017, 9:49 PM ]


Saturday afternoon after the meeting I sent out the minutes of the meeting. I forgot to pass along that John Clute our tech official showed those in attendance a safety item that will come into effect this season.

The fuel supply line coming from the fuel tank will have to be rerouted over top of the bar that runs side to side right behind the fuel tank. This is to eliminate the possibility of the fuel line being punctured if the rear differential should break loose and go straight up making contact and no place to move. Do contact someone who was at the meeting on February 4th.

A date for the set up class is February 18 at Tim Cooper’s shop. The starting time will be 1:00 PM till 3:00 PM. Please contact him at 303-589-5102 if you are interested. Also I did have the INEX membership list wth me and did not mention it. I have thirtytwo Colorado and Wyoming drivers showing an INEX license number. They will be coming in the mail to you in the next month. You can contact me if you do not receive it in the next four weeks. Remember that you must have an 2017 INEX license to race your Legend.

I have a driver looking for a 8.5 X 16 or 18 foot enclosed trailer. Contact me if you know of one.

Four weeks to go and with weather permitting practice and tech at Colorado National Speedway. March 11-18-25, 11-5 PM Charge up those transponders to practice with. You should be able to see your times possibly on My Laps, com. Also bring your Raceceiver to the track to get used to hearing my voice in your ear while you are on the track. The Raceceiver is a safety item to practice with as we will have new drivers on
the track for the first time. Channel #165. All rookies must have their rear bumper painted or have yellow tape indicating they are a rookie. First green flag of the season will be April 8th with a early start at 5:30 PM.