RMLRA Newsletter - 2/13/2015

posted Feb 15, 2015, 8:38 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Feb 15, 2015, 8:39 PM ]

Not a lot of information to to release this week. I just want to mention again that there are some good race cars for sale at RMLRA.org. Pass the information along to interested prospects.

New Drivers/Rookies for 2015

We have picked up five new drivers for the season. Driving the #41 car this season will be Gregory Lee (SP) from Parker, CO. The #16 car of Travis Roe (YL) of Thornton and #33 Bruce Pearson of Arvada, #59 CJ Wilson (YL) of Penrose, #2 Brent Cave of Thornton of whom I have no information on will race as rookie first year drivers. #93 Connor Snow (YL) of Littleton and #23 Austyn Radosta (SP) of Pueblo had their cars on the track for just a race or two and will be eligible to run as rookies this season. When the season starts we may have another driver or two show up to race that are eligible to race Legend Cars as rookies. If someone does not qualify as a rookie we will change their status. There will probably be some additions and corrections on the listed drivers.

Hot Lap Practice and Inspections at CNS and I-25 will soon be here.

Driver and car owners eager to get on the track please notice the practice times at both tracks. I-25 will start in the middle of May with their races but will start their hot laps in April. Please note the times and hours of practice on Wednesday evenings, starting in May.

Big Country Speedway Hot Laps

Big Country is showing April 25th as their practice and clean up date. If you decide to travel to any of these tracks to practice, check the weather and make a phone call before traveling a lot of miles only to be disappointed that the weather shut the track down.

2015 Legend Memberships

Drivers, car owners and members of the RMLRA have responded well with their memberships so far this season. The strength of the RMLRA is the membership.

I have noticed that the INEX memberships are starting to build also.

Set up class this weekend

Don’t forget the set up class this Saturday, February 14, at 10:00 am. Contact Jeremiah Witherwax at 303-875-7520 for a late commitment to attend this class. I hope to find time to stop by in the morning before the class starts.