RMLRA Newsletter - 2/23/2017

posted Feb 23, 2017, 10:13 PM by Unknown user

Board Meeting February 15, 2017

The officers on the RMLRA Board met Wednesday evening to get the season underway talking on many subjects.

The first item to be talked about was the error in the 2017 RMLRA Points Structure that was handed out at the membership meeting.  Please check your orange sheet and read. At the end of the season, each drivers points will be added from their best 20 races. That number should have been 24 races after going back to the minutes from the 2016 Boards last meeting. If you have any questions or concerns with this correction, please contact one of the Board members and discuss it with them.

One other update that is being considered for to the points system for the 2017 season is that all four National Qualifier races will be scored as normal RMLRA points races. In the past several seasons racers had all received one hundred points plus five for the winner of each class. This will not affect your national points. This is being considered as a change so these national qualifier races will have more meaning in the RMLRA points  championship than in years past. More clarification will be sent out on this change as all contingencies are accounted for and documented. If you have questions or concerns on this change, contact a board member as soon as possible. This will be your chance to have your opinion accounted for before any changes are made. The final points overview will be published in an upcoming newsletter, on the web site and also on Facebook. Keep an eye out for those updates.

The RMLRA was formed in 2006 by the Legend drivers in our area. To help promote and improve Legend racing was the main desire for this move. By being an active member your voice wants to be heard from. Do talk to a Board member and give your input on any problems that might be bothering you.

As the season nears, the Board has asked drivers to try and get to CNS for at least one practice so your car can be inspected by both CNS and INEX tech officials. This will eliminate many cars standing in line to go through track safety tech of CNS on the first race day. To place your car on the track to practice, you will have to have a track sticker on your car. Most of the time if your car does not meet some regulations the track will give you the opportunity to go on the track and come back at the next practice with the problem taken care of. Please make sure your seat belts are up to date along with your helmet. Please go to the CNS web site and read their safety rules and track rules when racing at CNS.

The RMLRA races under the rules provided by US Legend Cars.  Your new rule book should be delivered to you soon if you have applied for an INEX license. When the Board meets, I will try to pass along news to the membership, important information that will keep you updated.

New Driver’s

Ray Oakley has just contacted us, and joined the RMLRA, and will race in the Young Lions division. Ray raced in Montana last season in the Bandolero’s class and won the Montana state championship. Ray will be competing as a Young Lions driver. He will drive the number twenty-seven car. He call Pine, Colorado as his new home.

Jordan and Scott Decenick have also just purchased two Legends and will be competing in the Semi Pro and Masters class. Milliken, Colorado is their home town.

Set Up Class Feb. 18, 2017

Several first year car owners and drivers attended the set up class on Saturday. Approximately fifteen people were in the garage. Thanks to Paul Himler for the use of his car to conduct the class. The car had the body removed for the presentation. Tim Cooper and Scotty Scott handled the class presentation going over many basic ways to check your car for safety, and how to set up your car with demonstrations on how to change many suspension parts and how to go about squaring the rear axle in the frame. The class time lasted close to three hours and all questions were answered.

Transponder Questions

We have a schedule where we race at two tracks, CNS and Big Country that use the same transponders. I-25 has a different kind. As most of you know you can rent a transponder at these tracks for about $25.00 per night. I do suggest that you rent one to try it out. Also look around and ask if there are any for sale. If you want to buy one ask questions before spending money. Here is a link for you to check out if you want to purchase your own. Remember their are two kinds, battery and hard wired. https://speedhiveshop.mylaps.com/car.html