RMLRA Newsletter - 2/28/2013

posted Feb 28, 2013, 9:35 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Mar 5, 2013, 8:22 AM ]

2012 Colorado State Champions

Racing results from the INEX web page show Adam Pechman racing in the Young Lions class finished seventy-eighth on the National points list. Adam raced in twenty-three races. The champion of the class raced seventy-eight times.

What I am doing here is showing all the new drivers how tough it is to get into the top ten nationally without traveling many miles to get a lot of points. In the Semi Pro division, Brandon Moore was our top driver, finishing twenty-fifth. The champion of his class raced sixty-four races. Racing in the Masters division, L. Scotty Scott, took home the Colorado Championship as he finished thirty-eighth in the National points race while racing nineteen races. The champion of that division raced thirty-eight races. In the Pro division Corey Seip was the top pro in Colorado finishing forty-third in the National points race. Corey raced nineteen races and did not travel out of state. The National champion raced seventy six races. Each of these four drivers should have received a plaque as the Colorado State champion in their class.

Congratulations to our drivers who spent extra time on the road racing for points. I am hoping that these figures were the same as what you had recorded.

Thinking of running for a National Championship?

Thinking of running for a National Championship? All you have to do is run twenty-five features and win them all. Then you have to hope nobody else has accomplished the same feat in another state. Racing in Colorado does not expose a driver with enough races locally to make the championship chase without leaving the state and looking for races. If you have looked at the national points you will see that the top drivers are involved in a lot of races and have many wins in doing this. While winning these races you have to be lucky to have enough cars in the pits in your division to assure you a hundred points for each victory.

One local driver took home a National championship and that was Terry Plummer as he was crowned Golden Masters champion in 2006. Winning 25 of 32 races to accumulate the 2500 points neede he raced every weekend traveling to Utah. Oregon, Texas, Montana, Washington, Nevada, Georgia, Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. In 2005, Terry finished second in the National Masters. On the last weekend of the season he lost out by three points to Rich Rogas of Las Vegas. Terry also won the Colorado Masters Championship in 2004-05-06-07. For many seasons the number fourteen Legend, Terry dominated many races in his Legend race car.

Don't forget the set up class Saturday March 2, 2013