RMLRA Newsletter - 2/4/2014

posted Feb 4, 2016, 8:39 PM by Admin RMLRA

Just a little information before the February 27 RMLRA meeting

Hello everyone this is just a short message to you to remind you of the meeting coming up on February 27. Looking forward to seeing everyone attend and get the information that you need to go racing when the season opens. Remember that there will be a set up class after the meeting and if you have never attended one of these you should plan to see what it takes to set up your car properly. Everyone is welcome to attend.

2016 RMLRA memberships should be paid at this meeting, or mailed into the club.

Also sending you some information on some rule updates for 2016. There are a few updates for this season. Remember that you will get a copy of the 2016 rule book when you pay your INEX license fee. Read your rule book and know what the limitations are. Remember if it is not in the rule book you cannot do it. The RMLRA has nothing to do with the rules on your race car. The only rule that we get involved with is the fuel rule and that is because of the pump gasoline sold in our area. This fuel rule will be explained at the meeting in case you have not been told. Many decals for your car will also come to you at that time.

Just a reminder that drivers must have INEX license to race when season starts. Send your entry fee in so when the season starts you will be covered with the insurance and national points to be awarded starting with your first race. As of todays date seventeen drivers have applied and received their licenses.

As mentioned above with the meeting on February 27, this will start the season with practice held at Colorado National Speedway in March. All drivers new to Legend racing should try to get your car on the track and practice. I-25 and Big Country will also hold practice dates in April. I-25 has 4/11, 4/16, 4/23 and 5/7 listed as practice dates.

Legend Cars new rules in effect.
- 52% maximum rear weight (without driver) will be added to the Legend Car weight rules.
- 6” (or 6 1/2”) radius rods are permitted to be used on the rear upper link.
- Extra tabs (or safety wire, etc.) are permitted to be added to your muffler to help secure it (mufflers may
  not be completely welded on to the pipes).
- The stock length of the 1937 Chevy hood is 32” – 32 1/2" (measured down the middle) and
   may not be shortened.

Legend Cars / Thunder Cars
The acceptable / legal Snell rating for all helmets in all classes will change for the 2017 season to – SNELL SA 2010 or SNELL SA 2015. The SFI 24.1 will also remain acceptable / legal for use in Bandolero competition.
- The Koso digital / analog gauge (as delivered by US Legend Cars International Inc.) is permitted to be used at all INEX sanctioned events.