RMLRA Newsletter - 3-MAY-2012

posted May 6, 2012, 12:31 AM by Admin RMLRA
The Legends of the RMLRA return to the track at Colorado National Speedway this
Saturday night and now begin a schedule of eight straight weekends before having a week off during the last week end in June. As of Tuesday morning no times were posted on the CNS web site for Saturday. Please keep in mind that as of the first race in May the track will go back to their summer schedule of starting the race at 6:00 PM. It may make a difference in the opening times of the Pits.Just noticed on CNS web page gates open at 12:00 PM and practice for Legends 2:00-2:15 and 3:00-3:15.

Last week at the track several Legend cars and personnel were on hand to display our
cars at the entrance to the track.

A message from President John Ulander;
I would just like to say thank you to the Family of the 85, Craig and grandson on the 71, Family of the the 14, and Tim of the 34 car, for their time and club support on Saturday.  We talked to a lot of (little drivers to be) and their parents, and a lot of race fans.  If you want to know how we keep our car count up, this is one of the ways to introduce the cars to possibly new car owners and drivers. Thanks for your help.

I will start trying to get you all excited about this weekend of racing. Both race tracks are probably going to be a rear end gear change for everbody. But, before you do this talk to more than one driver on what you will need for a gear and set up. The National Qualifier at Gering is one quarter mile track with tight turns and very little banking.  Cheyenne has a smaller track with larger turns and speeds may be a little bit faster. Start making your plans to attend these two races. It will be a weekend you won’t forget. See my previous Newsletter for phone numbers of Motels.


If you look on the National schedule you will see that the races from CNS have been
posted. As the season moves along you can check the National standings and see how
you are doing. As we get more races completed you should see your self moving up the