RMLRA Newsletter - 30-MAY-2012

posted May 30, 2012, 12:44 PM by Admin RMLRA
May has come and gone, and so far this season we have only two differant winners in four races. Mike Gallegos and Kyle Clegg have claimed two victories each. Several other drivers have been right there to make the races close. It might come this weekend as veteran Legend driver Darrell Stewart makes his first appearance of the season.  Darrell will be making a few races this season. He should feel at home while racing at Big Country Speedway. He has raced a many races on that track. Rumor has it, that he may be driving the number thirty on his car which his son Darrell Jr, plans to race next season.

Racing Friday and Saturday nights June 1-2

Coming up this weekend is Friday night's National qualifier at Gering, Nebraska and on Saturday the action is at Big Country Speedway in Cheyene, Wyoming. The car count looks good for the weekend. We are looking forward to seeing several of the
RMLRA rookies race on these shorter tracks for the first time.

The tracks at Hwy 92 and Big Country Speedways are slower and more of a drivers track. Racing on these tracks should help all of our new first year drivers gain some more valuable experience. The transponders that are used at CNS will work at Big
Country. Be sure to take them with you.

Gates open @ Gering 3:00 PM, Cheyenne @ 1:00 PM

Drivers will not have to be early to get a parking spot in the pits as the home track drivers don't start arriving until after 4:30 PM. Races have started at 7:30 PM in the years that we have been up there. The pit gates at Gering will open at 3:00 PM, and on Saturday Big Country will open at 1:00 PM.

In traveling to Gering and you have not been there. You will find the price of gasoline for your tow vehicle a lot cheaper in Cheyenne. The Country Kitchen that used to be the favorite spot for races and fans is no longer available to eat at, as I have  heard that it has changed menus and no longer serves the late meals and breakfasts that was so popular with us after the races.
The number fifty-seven that was raced by Brian Bohannon from Colorado Springs has been sold to a local racer. Brian had to give up the racing this summer due to a heavy work schedule.

Have a great weekend of racing.