RMLRA Newsletter - 3/11/2018

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Bandolero class notes March 10, 2017 @ Colorado National Speedway

Saturday morning the Bandolero Class of 2018 met at CNS for a brief meeting with the officials from the RMLRA. Many officers were on hand and introduced to the young drivers on hand. Thanks to Jim Nordhougen for our drivers and their parents to attend this day at the track at no cost.

Discussed to parents were the INEX memberships and RMLRA membership. All drivers must have a INEX membership when the season starts. One parent must join as an associate member. We instructed the parents to read the INEX application carefully, as a membership may need it legalized by a notary. Parents and drivers it was nice to meet everyone.

Darrel J. Stewart was introduced to the drivers and parents. Darrell was the RMLRA 2017 points champion and a former Quarter Midget driver. The drivers also introduced themselves to each other. After some basic talk about the cars and race track, they then climbed into their cars and went onto the track.

Several drivers have more experience and might be a little faster then others. Learn to drive the car before you try to go fast.

The weather Saturday was windy and cold and not good for standing along the fence watching them move around the track. Darrell asked me to tell you that he did not have a lot of time to speak to the drivers on everything that he needed to pass on to them. He will cover it at the next practice when it is scheduled.

Many cars have been purchased and not ready for the track yet. We hope to see more of them soon. As time permits photos of drivers will be taken and placed on our web site. It will be just like the Legend car drivers site.

Colorado National Speedway practice and inspections, March 17,24,31

This Saturday, March17 CNS will be open for three Saturday’s for all classes to go through the track inspection and also the RMLRA inspection. CNS will place a decal on your car that tells track personnel that your car has been inspected and the car may go on the track to practice. With a lot of classes showing up and each session lasting around fifteen minutes, you may not get on the track more than three to four times to practice. Again it really is the car count from all the classes that dictate the amount of time you get on the track. The hours the track is open is 11-5PM