RMLRA Newsletter - 3/1/2019

posted Mar 1, 2019, 9:35 AM by Admin RMLRA

Getting ready to take your car to the track

There are still drivers inquiring about racing a Legend car this season and we are making room for them. Please contact me for information on your number as we race as the “Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association” Our schedule includes four tracks in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. With your INEX license you can race in many states and countries. It is your choice where you race, but we would like to see you racing the dates on our schedule. Don’t forget the Rumble in the Rockies on Memorial Day weekend, May 24-26 This event will be a three day event starting on Friday at Gering, Nebraska, then traveling to race on Saturday night in Cheyenne, Wyoming and then closing out the weekend on Sunday night at ColoradoNational Speedway. All three nights will be National Qualifiers.

Support the dates on our out of town races. Car counts are usually down at these tracks and you can get a lot of experience on these short tracks. Last season was a great year for the RMLRA Legends and we had a Legend car count of thirty-eight cars show up at CNS and thirty cars started the feature event after a B-Main eliminated cars going on to race in the main event.

CNS Practice dates

When the new season rolls around and the vegetation starts to turn green it must be time to take the race car to the track for track inspection of your car and also inspection by the RMLRA to make sure your car is safe to put on the track. CNS will open their track Saturday March 16 for three straight weekends of car inspections and hot lapping. We will try to get the first year drivers on the track by themselves early in the day.

CNS Track Rule

I have listed a few items from the CNS rule book for all cars racing on their track. Please go to their web site and get up to date on their rules.
  • Wheel weights: Wheel weights are NOT allowed.
  • Plugs: All plugs for rear ends, transmissions, oil pans, and oil tanks must be drilled, securely installed, and safety wired. See penalty section for fines regarding not following this rule.

DECALS: RMLRA sponsors will provide decals to each competing team and are required for competition and awards. All of the decals of the various manufacturers who support the RMLRA Weekly Racing Series. The money that is paid out on race night may include money from the sponsors decal on your race car. You are required to have the decal on your car to receive your check from race day events.

INEX License Required

You must have a current 2019 INEX license to race when the season starts. The INEX series starts February 11, 2019 through October 5, 2019

As with the RMLRA all drivers, Legends and Bandoleros will be required to have a Raceceiver on, and be able to hear instructions from the Raceceiver Official while on the track. The frequency for the Raceceiver is 464.500 This is channel #1161 If you are using a different type Raceceiver make sure that your are on the 464.500 frequency. We will be standing at the pit entrance on practice and race days. No Raceceiver, no entrance to the track.

RMLRA 2019 Fuel Rule

RMLRA race cars will race with premium gasoline. The Yamaha Motor Corp. recommends the use of 89 octane unleaded gasoline. Please see 2019 INEX Rule Book page 31 for further information. This fuel can be obtained at CNS for about $4.00 per gallon. When buying make Sure that you do not buy the racing fuel that CNS has available for their Super Late Models and other classes. Fuel samples will be tested after feature races if needed.

Driver Orientation @ Intermountain Speedway (formerly Big Country Speedway)

A orientation class for Rookie Legend & Bandolero drivers and second year drivers will be held April 6th at 9:30 AM for practice and orientation to prepare for the upcoming season. John Ulander of Hwy 92 would like the Bandolero drivers to attend this practice if they want to race at Hwy 92 this season. Put this date on your calendar.