RMLRA Newsletter - 3/12/2013

posted Mar 12, 2013, 2:52 PM by Admin RMLRA

March 12, 2013

Hot lap practice at Colorado National Speedway is coming up this weekend. Those hours are 11 AM-4:30 PM. Pit gates open at !0:00 AM. There is an article on Big West Racing about starting hours etc. Weather outlook is good with a temperature around sixty-four degrees. It looks like a good first day of practice. Hard to believe after yesterdays snow storm dropped about seven inches of snow here in Broomfield. The snow is melting very fast and should not be a problem.

CNS will be doing their safety checks. Take a look at the rules for CNS and you should not have any problems. One of the biggest problems early last season was oil lines not tight and coming loose and spilling pil on the track. Several cars had engine fires from oil on the engine and exhaust system. If you are new to Legends and you had your engine rebuilt make sure the oil lines are correctly hooked up. We have had several of those problems in past years and lost several engines five minutes into the first practice. Raceceiver, please put this in your memory bank for all practices and races that the Raceceiver must be used whenever your car is on the track. Remember to read the instructions on problems that may occur. I always carry the transmitter with me when we are at the track and am wiling to helpp you figure out any problems. We do use Raceceiver channell 165 at all tracks. Please buy good quality batteries such as Durable Procell. Cheap batteries wear down much quicker and causes reception problems. I might suggest that if you have problems hearing me, you might try using a better earpiece. Go to Raceceiver.com if you are new to racing this season and look at the differant options that they have and go from there. They can be bought all over the city and at your favorite stores.

As mentioned in the last Newsletter Duncan Racing have sold the car to Terry McBride of Edgewater, CO.  Terry has been away from the track as a driver for several years but plans to take his time getting use to the car see where it take him. A veteran driver at Lakeside Speedway he will compete as a Master. Terry welcome to the RMLRA.

INEX License

I hope that you have sent in for your INEX license. You will need it for the first race. You can contact me and I can verify your membership as INEX does not send out the memberships and rule books untill April. I sent a preview of new rules coming up in 2013 and 2014 on Thursday afternoon. I hope that everyone received it.

Set up class March 2, 2013
Tim and Chris Cooper hosted the set up class, and used the #34 car of Chris Cooper for the demonstration last Saturday. It was reported that nineteen interested mechanics were on hand to receive information on setting up the car. I understand that Kyle Clegg was on hand with Zach Witherwax to help with the set ups. INEX Tech official was also on hand to handle all questions.

New Drivers and car numbers for 2013

# 1 Jereme Wall raced once last season
# 9 Glen Tilton
#17 BreAnn Adkison
#20 Kynzer Riddell
#29 Kevin Collins
#30 Darrell J. Stewart
#42 Pat Manchego
#09 Terry McBride
#61 Sidney Ross