RMLRA Newsletter - 3/15/2017

posted Mar 15, 2017, 11:12 AM by Unknown user

After several weeks of looking to get on the track the weather moved in and left a wet and cold day at CNS last Saturday. We will try again next weekend, March 18. Long range forecast shows next Saturday possibly in the mid seventies. Thanks to those of you who posted on the different Facebook pages that it had been cancelled due to the weather. Follow Facebook on our RMLRA web site or however you sign in on and stay in touch. We have a lot information being released on Facebook to keep you informed. Wayne Barlock and Scotty Scott have been releasing the information.

On Friday’s Newsletter a mistake was made when we left Adam Osborne #57 off of the rookie list. He has been added to the list as of Friday. Hang with us as we sometimes have an error in our releases. Thanks to those of you who catch the problem and notify me to correct it.

Again another reminder to all of you to read your rule book when you receive it. learn what you cannot do to your car.

If this rulebook does not specifically say that you can change/ modify/add something, then you must consider that the change/ modification/addition is illegal. Any questions about the legality of a change/modification/addition not covered in this rulebook must be answered by INEX in writing and presented to the tech inspector upon request. If you have a request for a change/ modification/addition, please contact INEX before making the change/modification/ addition.