RMLRA Newsletter - 3/21/2015

posted Mar 23, 2015, 9:56 PM by Admin RMLRA

Saturday March 21, 2015 action at the track

Nine cars were at the track on Saturday and the practice time on the track was slow with a lot of cars from the other divisions getting their practice time in. The Legends only received four practice times but everyone had plenty of time to get used to the track.

New drivers on the track for their first attempt were #16 Travis Roe, #77 Josiah King and #85Dave McCray. #30 Darrell J. Stewart, #46 Zachary Witherwax and #17 BreAnn Atkinson were out for the first time this season to practice. #25 Adam Pechman, #83 Don Bedore and #09 Terry McBride came back for their second week. Dave McCray is an experienced driver and just getting in the Legend for the first time, he did very well.

#16 Travis Roe has a good looking paint job on his car. #46 & #77 still need numbers on their cars. Some of the drivers were spinning out during practice but mostly due to their first time on a race track with a Legend. We will have a good rookie class this season.

Otherwise it was a warm day at the track and quite a few drivers in the pits without their cars.