RMLRA Newsletter - 3/21/2018

posted Mar 21, 2018, 2:41 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 21, 2018, 2:42 PM ]

All drivers must have a Raceiver in their race car

Just a reminder that you must have a Raceiver or a two way radio with the Raceiver connection in your race car. They are available at Leary Racing Products. See you in the Pits on Saturday. In looking at the INEX drivers list a lot of drivers without a license as of Tuesday March 20, 2018 Also charge up those transponders and use them at practice. The My Laps scoring is usually on during the practice sessions at CNS. New drivers you can rent transponders at the track or you can by a new one on line. Ask me in the pits and I can give you some advice.

CNS and Big Country use the same transponder. I-25 has a different system.If you plan to do a lot of races this summer it might be cheaper in the long run to buy.

Bandolero scheduled practice

A newsletter was sent out to our Bandolero mailing list March 14, 2018 and I hope that you received it. If you know of somebody that is not on it please send me their email address. We just received information from CNS that the Bandoleros are welcome to come to the track this Saturday March 24th. The information we have received is that the Bandolero cars can get on the track and practice from 4:40-5:30 this Saturday March 24th. We do want you to respond to us and let us know if you can make the practice at Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne on April 7th. Also try to let us know what your plans are for the upcoming schedule this season. Send me an email with information regarding your plans. It is early in the season and many car owners are busy getting their cars ready.

Get those membership applications in the mail to USLCI. And do consider joining the RMLRA

A few Highlights from CNS Saturday March 17, 2018

There were thirteen Legends cars in the Pits on Saturday that went through CNS track inspection and about eleven cars were on the track for a short hot lap practice. We had a car lose an engine during that time and we had some loose oil lines I heard. We laid some oil down on the track and caused a delay for practice. Just a reminder to go through your car weekly and make sure nuts, bolts and oil lines are tight. We also signed up a couple of more drivers. Driver’s please go on our web page and get your RMLRA membership and get it in the mail to Tim Cooper. Thank you

#00 Chris Saykally
#86 Travis Rudolph
#1 Dave McCray

We will be back at CNS for the next two weeks. Don’t forget the April 7th date at Big Country Speedway for Bandolero drivers and first and second year Legend drivers. We need to know how many of you may be attending. Hope to see you there.

Cars on hand Saturday,
#3 Wayne Barlock
#9 Terry McBride
#13 Jason Hulvey
#28 Adam Powers (new driver)
#33 Dean Kallas
#41 Greg Lee
#44 Alfred Matthews
#46 Zach Witherwax
#53 Ryan Scott
#78 Ashlyn Himler (new driver)
#88 Paul Himler
#95 Jesse Dike (new driver)
#00 Chris Saykally (new driver)