RMLRA Newsletter - 3/21/2019

posted Mar 21, 2019, 9:53 AM by Admin RMLRA

Weather looks good for Saturday practice and inspections

The weather looks much better for Saturday’s excitement heading to Colorado National Speedway. Although it is suppose to rain on Friday it will be a Saturday morning wake up and check the weather. Hope to see many of you there. The hours posted for Saturday are 11AM-5PM All cars will go through the CNS inspection for equipment and safety items. The RMLRA will also check your car for items not checked by the track. Track time will depend on how many classes and cars are in the pits. This a great time for rookie drivers to get on the track and a good time for alldrivers to go out of their way and say hello to a new face that is joining us this season.

Just a reminder to those of you who have not sent their applications into INEX for your 2019 license we will accept them in the pits on Saturday. Application forms are available on the RMLRA and USLegends web sites. The Bandolero numbers are down as only eight have been released. Thirty-one Legends applications have been
processed. I will bring the official list to the track with me Saturday morning. Please take care of this important project now. Just a reminder if your application has not been placed in our hands or sent to INEX, you will not be able to race when the sanctioned races begin. Our local season begins April 13. The same goes for RMLRA
memberships for drivers. If you are going to race many races this season be sure to follow your driver on the US LEGEND CARS web site as well as the RMLRA web site. Get excited and join in on your quest for the points championship.

There have been many new drivers added to the Bandolero and Legend divisions forthis season. Make sure you become a member of the RMLRA. Your RMLRAmembership includes your security of your car number year to year and yourphotograph on our web site.

You may ask why we race as the RMLRA and the answer is several years ago we became a traveling division of race cars and many wanted to race enough races to qualify for National Championships. The RMLRA is run under the national rule book of INEX. The only rules that might override the rule book would be safety rules required at the track that you are racing at. It is your job as a driver or a parent of a minor driver to
familiarize yourself with these rules. In case you have not received your INEX rule book, it is available to be seen on the uslegendcars.com web site.