RMLRA Newsletter - 3/22/2014

posted Mar 24, 2014, 8:49 AM by Admin RMLRA

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I was at the track yesterday for about three and a half hours. When I left we had a total of six cars that had went through the track inspection. Make sure you read track rule change below.

Legends on hand.
  • #3 Wayne Barlock
  • #25 Adam Pechman 2 cars
  • #28 Don Brunker
  • #99 Brady Van Matre
  • #09 Terry McBride
Barlock and Van Matre were the only two cars that had been on the track as of 4:20 PM when I left. There were about two dozen cars in the pits while I was there.

There was only one inspector checking the cars and it was a very slow process to get through the inspection. I am sure there will be more help next weekend when the track will be open for tech and practice.

Many of you will probably try to get out on the track next weekend as the weather forecast shows a possible sixty-seven degrees with possible showers on Saturday.

Very important Track Rule for Legends in effect for 2014

Please note that a new track rule which has been verified by our INEX Tech official John Clute includes the Driveshaft and all lead weights must be painted white. This track role supercedes the Legend rule book that indicates white or light grey is required. Make sure that your oil pan drain plug and your rear end housing plugs are safety wired.

Also make sure your cut off switch works at both idle and at higher RPMʼs.

These are three very important safety rules concerning your cars.