RMLRA Newsletter - 3/8/2016

posted Mar 13, 2016, 4:14 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Mar 13, 2016, 4:14 PM ]


Preparing to practice your Legend @ Colorado National Speedway

If you are a new driver and a rookie this information is basic stuff, that is for your information as you head onto the track. CNS will be open on March 12, 19, and 26th weather permitting. Their web page shows the gates opening at 11:00 am. Inspections and track practice will be held during those hours. The track is scheduled to close at 5:00 PM. The amount of time that you get on the track depends on the number of other
classes that are there. Rookies and first year drivers you must tape your rear bumper yellow. This will alert the driver coming up behind you that you are a rookie.

Upon arrival at the track take your car to the CNS tech area for their safety inspection. You will not be permitted on the track until you have a CNS sticker on your car. If you do not pass the inspection you may be issued a temporary sticker so you can practice. Take your car back to your pit area and wait for the club officials to check your car. Cars will be checked for INEX safety rules. Make sure that you have your INEX license and car title with you to show when asked for them. When the season starts you must have your INEX license. In case you have not received your license I will have a copy of all drivers that have been issued a license but have not been received them as of yet. When you do go on the track please have your Raceceiver turned on and have channel # 165 on your raceceiver. Use it during the practice sessions this month. Be sure to charge your transponder if yours is run by battery. I will be at the track and I will be talking to you to get yourself used to my voice telling you what is going on. Check with me in the pits and we can test your Raceceiver to see if it is working properly. If you are new to racing with a Raceceiver make sure you turn it off when climbing out of your car. The battery will last one night, so don’t be afraid to purchase a package or two. If you read your instructions that come with the Raceceiver it will tell you to use quality batteries. I recommend the Duracell Pro Cell batteries as they have a little more power then the cheaper batteries that are available. A good place to buy them are at Batteries Plus. Ask them if there is something newer and stronger that has been developed and in new on the market for sale. If your Raceceiver makes a noise and is not clear it is usually a weak battery. Make a change or see me so we can test the Raceceiver.

You are now ready to head to the track for tech and practice. Drivers should be aware of slower cars on the track. These practices laps are not a feature race so be careful of new drivers on the track If there are a lot of cars on the track the first day be considerate of them. Many cars will leave the track after several laps and that may open the track for faster laps. We have had several cars wrecked on opening practice day because of over driving. If you are new and fall into the slower classification, please keep your car on the low side of the track while getting up to speed.

A couple of drivers have changed numbers for this season and you will see the postings at RMLRA.com/standings. Any questions contact me. Read the latest information that is posted on U.S. Legend cars.com.

RMLRA application forms can be obtained on the RMLRA website. On the home page left side click on become a member. Please support the club.