RMLRA Newsletter - 3/9/2015

posted Mar 9, 2015, 3:15 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Mar 9, 2015, 3:15 PM ]

Spring is almost here.

It is that time of the year when you look outside in hopes that the grass may start to turn green soon. But here in Colorado a lot of us are still watching the snow melt. Colorado National Speedway has an opening date of March 14 as their first Practice/Tech day. Maybe when we turn the clocks ahead this weekend it might jump start the thawing out process a little bit.

There has been a good response for the INEX licenses and they should be in the mail soon or possibly already on their way. An INEX drivers license will be required by the first race that you enter. Please allow two weeks of processing before it arrives. Our tech inspectors has asked me to remind you that your INEX license and title for your car should be in your trailer or possession on race days. It is one of the rules of the US Legends rule book. Your 2015 rule book should be included in your envelope when the license arrives in your mailbox.

If this is your rookie season or a first year driver please have your rear bumper painted yellow. You will be permitted to paint the bumper black only if the officials and tech agree that you are not a rookie.

CNS, Practice/Tech Day March 14, 2015

On practice day your car must be inspected by the track officials and a inspection tag will be placed on your car so you can enter the track for practice. If your car does not meet the requirement of the track you will receive a half of an inspection sticker to practice. That is what they did last season at Colorado National Speedway. If your car does not pass inspection you will be required to fix the problem and take it back through the inspection line to clear the car. It may take you till the next week to make the change. Your local INEX officials will check your car for various items.

Items discussed at Board Meeting March 3, 2015

John Ulander was voted into the Vice President position and Terry McBride became a full time member from an alternate. The 2015 schedule cards are out and people can get a sneak peak at them on the RMLRA website. The first practice session is approaching at CNS and the RMLRA will post a copy of the tech sheet that the RMLRA group will be doing on the cars for the short tracks on the RMLRA website in the upcoming days. We will have people in the CNS tech area that will do that before or after CNS tech. I will be there with the Raceceiver on all three practice days. We will use channel #165 every practice and race day. Please bring your Raceceiver to the track so you can get used to me talking in your ear while practicing. We are also currently calling each track finding information like gate openings times, pit gate prices, how much practice, just general information that will be posted to the website under the track tabs to help each racer. The Board Officers have not heard anything back from INEX or US Legends in regards to the fuel.

Big Country Driver in the Spotlight Series
There has been and article to read on the Big West Racing web page featuring Big Country Speedway. This article is about the drivers at Big Country Speedway. Please find this article and get involved with it by placing your racing background on the web site. By doing this your are promoting your racing program that may lead
to sponsorship down the road as we often say. The RMLRA has an awesome racing schedule set up for the 2015 racing season and you can get you and your car some promotions for race fans to see and read about you. This is part of the vehicle/registration for Big Country Speedway this coming season. There are already
several drivers signed up on this Driver Spotlight Series.