RMLRA Newsletter -4/5/2015

posted Apr 5, 2015, 5:24 PM by Admin RMLRA


The first racing date for the RMLRA is coming up next Saturday at Colorado National Speedway. We should see plenty of cars there the first night and more cars that are being prepared for the season, should be ready in the upcoming weeks. If you are a first year driver try to get on a track someplace and get the feel of the Legend car if you have not sat in one and been on the track yet. There are plenty of races this season so be ready when you make your first start.

Saturday at Colorado National Speedway the gates will open at 1:00 PM and practice starts at 2:30 PM. Please check the Big West Racing and Colorado National Speedway web sites to verify these times. See you in the Pits.


The RMLRA web site has a classified section with cars and parts for sale. The cars that are on there are very good cars. For those of you who travel out of town to look and buy, take a close look at the local cars also. There are several cars sitting in garages that could be purchased. Contact me and I will pass along the information to you.


For your information it will be a long trip to Anderson Motor Speedway in November if you elect to make the trip. It is called the Super Track of the Carolina’s. This 3/8 mile asphalt track is banked fourteen degrees and will offer you a challenge. You will be in Legend country when you travel to South Carolina. Many Legends are based in Georgia and North & South Carolina. To those of you who accept the challenge there will be a national qualifier at all four tracks that we race at this season. Please check the schedule for their dates.

Pat Manchego out for the 2015 season

I received word this week that Pat Manchego went in for a physical and discovered problems and underwent heart surgery. He will not be racing this season. The car has been sold to Asher Redmond of Longmont and he will drive the number forty two this season. Pat will be around to help in the pits.