RMLRA Newsletter - 4/8/2019

posted Apr 8, 2019, 9:34 AM by Admin RMLRA

2019 Legends opening night Saturday April 13th @ CNS

Weather permitting the 2019 racing season for Legends will get the green flag to start the chase for the RMLRA championship. Pit gates open at 12:00 PM and races start at 5:15 PM.  Check the CNS web site for times. The track will return to normal hours in May. So get those transponders charged and ready to use on Saturday.

Notes from weekend practice at Intermountain Speedway in Cheyenne on Saturday. We had eight bandoleros and two first year Legends on hand for the orientation and track practice. A lot of time spent in the class room plus the drivers walked around the track and seeing what the track looked like.

A short break for lunch and then cars went on the track two at a time and got a feel for track action. We covered line ups with the cars on the track and alignment for restarts. The Legend car of Madison Gonzalez suffered some damage when she got high in turn one and two and made contact with the tires leading into the pits. I was told that she was ok but the car had some work to do to get it back on the track. It looked like she was just starting to feel comfortable in her Legend when she ran into a problem.

Raceceiver’s and INEX License

We talked about the use of the Raceceiver and it is a must for all cars. Make sure the the Raceceiver is in a position that it will hears my voice. If you have a problem with reception make sure your battery is strong and the raceceiver is located in a position to receive the signal.No car will be allowed to race on race night without a Raceceiver and an INEX license. If you are unsure of your application call or email Brittany Beck at US Legends to straighten out the application. I will accept the applications in the pits before qualifying starts.

A Bandolero Two Way radio and restrictor plate rules were sent to parents of Bandolerodrivers Monday morning. If you did not get a copy, please contact me.

See you in the Pits.