RMLRA Newsletter - 5/11/2015

posted May 11, 2015, 1:11 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 11, 2015, 1:15 PM ]

Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association Newsletter

I awoke this past Saturday morning and heard a noise outside the window. Looking out the window, rain was falling and a large group of animals were walking 2X2 down the street. I ran out to the street and asked them what was going on. Their reply was they were headed for the ark on the other side of the hill. I believed them and went inside to pack my clothes. My wife then yelled from the bedroom door that it was time to get up. It is still raining and I just might sneak out of the house in a little bit to see if there is any room left on the ark.

On a rainy weekend there is not much to do except listen to the sump pump turn on and off twenty-four hours a day. The bad part is that I might have to shovel snow tomorrow.

I wrote an article two years ago, April 22, 2013 and thought that it might be time to re-release it again. This article had a message for new people interested in getting involved in racing and possibly buying a race car. As the 2015 season it is now two weeks old we have a long list of drivers names on my drivers sheet. A lot of new drivers this season and many returning to race from seasons past. It is early in the season and many drivers have their licenses but possibly waiting for the weather to warm up and stop raining.

Next Race Saturday May 16, 2015

Racing this Saturday evening, May 16 at Colorado National Speedway weather permitting. On Monday morning the forecast is for twenty percent possible showers on Saturday.

National Points Posted

We now have two races completed and INEX has caught up on some of the races and you can check the points that you have received in the two races that have been completed. They can be found on the U S Legends web site. The RMLRA points are up to date and are posted on the RMLRA web site. Members will see their points posted. Non members are listed below and their points will be blended into the standings upon membership. Please remember that these points are unofficial in the RMLRA until they are posted onto the INEX web site. If by chance a change occurs we will make the change on the RMLRA standings. Please be patient, it is a long season.

CRP Raffle items for Memorial Day Weekend

Clegg Racing Products has placed a notice on the RMLRA web page concerning items that will be raffled off after the last race has been run. Please go to the web page and see the items. Please read the requirements to be eligible to win these items. In addition to these item, there will be various other items that will be given away/raffled off that were received through the hard work of the RMLRA board members. We appreciate all the cars that show up to the track.

Gary Cagle tire cutter for Legend tires

New drivers just getting started and needing tires for your race car. I can pass this information along to you that Gary has a shop in Fort Collins and cuts a lot of tires. If you are looking for the right cut for you and need tires I suggest that you contact him. Try the link below and look at his web page. In talking with Gary last week at the track he did say that he has tires ready to sell.

Tires can be purchased at Leary Racing Products.

Becoming involved with Legends Car Racing

Many racing fans become involved in racing by just coming out to the track to watch a few car races. Maybe you are a race fan and just sitting in the grand stands and you get the urge and start thinking I can do that. While sitting there, their thoughts usually go a little further when they start thinking about owning or driving their own car. Quite possibly a friend at work has been telling you about his adventures on the weekends at
the track. Maybe the neighbor has a car and you found yourself going over to see what is going on and the next thing you know he hands you a wrench and you can’t put it down. Welcome to Racing 101. The neighbor’s son or daughter has been racing for several years in the quarter midget series and has reached the age and size that he needs to move to another division. Many of these drivers have seen the Legends cars
racing and possibly have been hanging around a friend that has moved up from the quarter midgets. Quite possibly you may be in the prime of your life and are looking for a great division to compete in. The masters division in Legend racing is probably the best choice to race in. All these master drivers are easy to get along with and will share their knowledge to help you get started. One of the first things you will notice at the track
is the camaraderie with other drivers when you break down and need help. Many of these drivers and car owners will be there to make sure your car is ready to race in the feature. That is the way of the RMLRA and it will always be the same year after year.

You might have the interest now to possibly start looking at a car for you or a member of your family to drive. I will say right now, that before you go and buy a used car or a new one, make sure your finances are in order to go racing. No matter what you decide to race it is going to cost you money to race your car. If not just the pit fees, tires, fuel and damage you receive while racing, it does add up. The cost of racing goes up when you
are involved in an accident. Most of the accidents might be avoided if you are experienced and know what to look for as you are racing around the track. Make sure you know all about your race car before you go at full speed on the track. Seat time is very important for rookie drivers.The main thing that you need to do before you start is find a way financially to compete in this sport weekly. Find sponsorship, it is the way to enjoy the thrill of racing a car. Then find one or two people that you know that would like to become involved with you to help on the car. Two people plus the driver are more than enough to start your race team. If nothing else try to find someone that could use some help to get yourself an idea of what racing is all about.

I personally have been with the Legends here in Colorado since they started. I do not own a car, or race anymore, but started out helping in Tech for several years, and now I am involved at the track as the Raceceiver official for the RMLRA. The Newsletter that is released every week during the season has been my idea and I have enjoyed doing it. This summer will be my last season with the RMLRA. I turn seventy-seven and do not want to travel much anymore. So if anyone out there would like to keep this great organization informed with all the news, please contact me.