RMLRA Newsletter - 5/12/2017

posted May 12, 2017, 2:19 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 12, 2017, 2:19 PM ]
RMLRA @ Big Country Speedway for next three weekends

Saturday May 13, is opening day of the 2017 season at Big Country Speedway in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the RMLRA is scheduled to race on that date. Come and join your racing drivers and friends for the first of three straight Saturday night races at the speedway.

We are also excited to announce that Fantastic Sam's has signed up to be the primary sponsor for all of our races in Cheyenne during the 2017 season.  Make sure you thank Carol for her support.  We all really appreciate her help for this season and we look forward to working her on some special promotions.

The weather looks promising for this weekend in Cheyenne and Legend Cars are scheduled to race. Take your time on the highways to and from the races.

Not much to report on at this time but the Board met last night to discuss several items. Nothing to release to the membership at this time but we will keep you notified if something is to be released.

Drivers and car owners please remember that we supply the race cars and the track runs the racing program. Please allow the track management the courtesy that they need to have a successful night of racing.

I am sure at the drivers meeting they will go over their policy on driving below the yellow line which has caused some discussion over the years. Hopefully they have added a new coat of paint so you can see it if the rule comes into play.

Enjoy your night of racing and remember to take your time getting used to the smaller track. The track is tight and you need to be alert at all times for close contact of cars.

See you in the pits. And do use your Raceceiver during practice due to many cars trying to find their racing groove.