RMLRA Newsletter - 6/1/2014

posted Jun 5, 2014, 9:26 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jun 5, 2014, 9:26 AM ]

U.S. Legends Announce Nationals Date

Asphalt Nationals – Las Vegas Motor Speedway – Practice 16th; Main Event October 17th – 18th (Over $20,000 Purse)

Sierra’s Race

The month of June has arrived and we have ran five of the seven scheduled races. May was a busy month for racing and as you can look ahead the month of June has four racing dates and July with three dates. June 14 has been set aside for those of you to participate in Sierra’s Race. Jon Krizman who has been a member of the RMLRA for many years lost his daughter to a disease called Bacterial Meningitis, April 10, 2007. Sierra was a twenty year old college student at the University of Northern Colorado. Jon has since had the 5K-run to raise expenses to pass the word along about this disease. After the race free vaccinations will be administered. This is an $125.00 value. If you are interested in participating in this event please read the following web page.

The RMLRA returns to the track after a week off at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo this weekend. It will be the first visit of the season at I-25. For those of you who have never raced at this track, you will find it to be the fast smooth race track that you would like to race on. You can talk about the other tracks that the RMLRA has scheduled races on, large or small, but this track, to my last visit is smooth and exciting to race on. It would be nice to see more cars racing at I-25.

The Shootout last weekend finished with these top five drivers after completing three races.

1. Jason Irwin
2. Adam Pechman
3. Mike Gallegos
4. Darrel Stewart
5. Darrell J. Stewart
6. AJ Canada
7. BreAnn Adkinson
8. Patrick Manchego
9. Terry McBride

Prize money was to be paid out by the club treasure to the top five cars.

Prizes went to McBride, Pechman, Gallegos and Stewart.

The Battery Savers went to Adkison, Grandin and Adkins.

This is the information that I received to report on the Newsletter and I hope that it was accurate. Just a little note to report on, we have had forty cars racing this season with the RMLRA. There are a couple of cars yet to appear on the track, but should be out soon. You the driver of these cars that show up at the tracks to race have had some some outstanding races this season so far. The drivers in the Pro division are usually up front racing to the finish separated by just a few car lengths. Throw in a few Masters, Semi-Pros and Young Lions and we have quite a racing program for the fans. The newer drivers that are on the track have been
getting faster and will only get faster with the more races that they run. If you know someone that might be interested in getting into Legends car racing, their are several cars for sale on our RMLRA web page. Several tracks have practice nights that allow inexperienced drivers to get a feel for the race track.

Thanks to Jim Stevens who organized this Shootout. It appears that we did not reach the purse that was intended. If you need an explanation on the procedure, please contact Jim Stevens or members of the RMLRA Board.