RMLRA Newsletter - 6/27/2013

posted Jun 28, 2013, 10:10 AM by Admin RMLRA

Legends set to race the quarter mile track at I-25 in Pueblo

If you like hot racing and hot tempatures you may find both of these in Pueblo, Colorado. It is very common at this time of the year when the summer hot weather comes to rest at this area just north of Pueblo. Just looking at the five day forecast, so expect to see temps in the mid nineties. I read a report from another organization that raced at I-25 Saturday night and they mentioned the smoke that was in the air. Let us hope that those fires will have been contained by this weekend.

Did anybody see the start of the NASCAR race Sunday. Cars crashing into one another as they were leaving pit row. My thoughts, truly a lack of concentration on what they were doing. It reminded me of the start of our race last Saturday night at CNS. Is it just my thoughts or is the top half of our group having problems at the start of our feature races?

There should be a couple of more cars on hand this weekend as a couple of drivers from down south have been taking time to practice and preparing their cars for this upcoming date. Both drivers are first year drivers.

Take a look at our point standings if you have not done so allready. Chris Cooper leads Darrell Stewart by twenty-four points. The top drivers in the early chase have raced at all the races. You will notice that the points for showing up at the tracks away from CNS awards you seventy-five points plus points for starting the features.