RMLRA Newsletter - 7/1/2020

posted Jul 2, 2021, 1:12 PM by Admin RMLRA

Legends and Bandoleros made the trip to Gering, Nebraska last weekend and Gracie Crocker won both Bandolero feature races. Congratulations to her and Crocker Racing. The Bandolero car count has been down this season as several drivers from past seasons have moved up to Legends or other divisions of racing. Only five Bandoleros were on hand Friday and Saturday evening for the races. All three races this weekend are part of the Rumble In The Rockies that was postponed due to rainy weather Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully the
weather is good for racing.

I have received information that the Legends cars had a great weekend of racing at HWY 92. Good driving and no wrecks, was what I was told. Thirteen cars on hand to start the Friday night feature and sixteen cars for Saturday nights races.

Thanks to all of you Bandolero and Legend drivers making the races this past weekend. A lot of the younger drivers on hand getting time on the track. Keep up the good work in supporting the small tracks. Less cars and more room to drive the cars.

U.S. Legend Cars has been slow in posting racing events and points this season. Heard that they may be short of help. If you plan to race this weekend, you will need an INEX license. If you have sent your application in and have not heard from them, give them a call. The number is on the INEX membership application.

Gracie Crocker sweeps Hwy 92 with two Bandolero feature wins.

June 25th HWY 92
1. #78 Gracie Crocker Outlaws West
2. #98 Sammy Haugen Outlaws West
3. #75 Makenna Crocker Outlaws West
4. #68 Wyatt Dent Bandits West
5. #21 Madilyn Lange Bandits West

June 26th HWY 92
1. #78 Gracie Crocker Outlaws West
2. #98 Sammy Haugen Outlaws West
3. #68 Wyatt Dent Bandits West
4. #21 Madilyn Lange Bandits West
5. #75 Makenna Crocker Outlaws West

Tanner Scarberry wins twice at Hwy 92

June 25th Hwy 92
1. #37 Tanner Scarberry
2. #71 Colton Crocker
3. #89 Zach Morris
4. #69 Hayden Moody
5. #90 Chasen Groff
6. #99 Tessa Marine
7. #5 Trent Phillips
8. #50 Tyler Wiggins
9. #2 Brett Reid
10. #51 Casey Wiggins
11. #12 Bryanna Bruce
12. #59 Brinna Phillips
13. #18n Bob Phillips

June 26th Hwy 92
1. #37 Tanner Scarberry
2. #69 Hayden Moody
3. #71 Colton Crocker
4. #90 Chasen Grof
5. #50 Tyler Wiggins
6. #89 Zach Morris
7. #2 Brett Reid
8. #99 Tessa Marine
9. #51 Casey Wiggins
10. #5 Trent Phillips
11. #12 Bryanna Bruce
12. #97 Bill Blevins
13. #95 Jessilyn Dike
14. #59 Brinna Phillips
15. #65 Savanna Hickman
16. #18n Bob Phillips