RMLRA Newsletter - 7/19/2019

posted Jul 23, 2019, 2:41 PM by Admin RMLRA

The Legends and Bandoleros return to I-25 on July 27th.

Barlock and Moore win National Qualifiers races at I-25

A very small field of eight Legends turned out for the national qualifier at I-25 Speedway
Saturday evening. We have problems when only eight cars are on hand to race a qualifier. It
used to be a large turnout to race even though you had no thoughts to go to the nationals.
Thanks to all of you who made the trip to race this past weekend.

Wayne Barlock won the feature race in the Legend cars division with Corey Seip second and
Chris Saykally in third place.

Brody Moore won the Bandolero feature, with Chasen Groff second and Zach Morris third.
Still several drivers in Bandolero class without completed INEX.  Several drivers in this division need to complete their INEX application if you have received a email back from B. Beck at USLegendcars. Drivers that have no INEX license are receiving no national points until completed. You have to do this to compete and protect yourself with the insurance if needed.

Legends return to CNS this weekend July 20

Racing returns to Colorado National Speedway this Saturday evening. Car counts at this speedway have been great this season with thirty or more cars on several dates. The new racing surface has been a plus for the Legends. Lap times have come down by about a half second since the repaving of the track.

Legend Feature (unofficial results)
1. 2 Barlock
2. 7 Seip
3. 00 Saykally
4. 46 Witherwax
5. 37 Scarberry (R)
6. 75 Hackenberg (R)
7. 28 Powers
8. 72 Robb

Bandolero Feature (unofficial)
1. 78 Moore
2. 77 Groff
3. 89 Morris
4. 68 Dent
5. 63 Starcher
6. 1 Cochran, Josh
7. 12 Bruce, Bryanna
8. 03 McConahay, Ryker