RMLRA Newsletter - 7/21/2016

posted Jul 21, 2016, 10:47 PM by Admin RMLRA

RMLRA News and Information July 21, 2016

Back from my trip to Houston and Dallas to watch grandson in several basketball games in two tournaments. The team is heading out to Las Vegas on Wednesday and that is just to much traveling for me. Texas very hot and dry right now. I will try to catch up on the latest news.

Legend car racing will be back at Colorado National Speedway this Saturday evening. After two week ends of racing at Big Country Speedway and I-25 it should add a few more cars to the depleted field of cars choosing not to travel, but race only at CNS. In looking at the US Legend Car web page this morning all races have been entered for points. The last race at I-25 was not entered as of yet, but Amy is doing a good job as the scorer at I-25 and sending in the results for those of you who are getting the national point fever.

Why the low number of cars choosing not to race? We have had some major set backs from accidents away from the track and we hope that they are healing. These were two cars that travelled every week. Possibly too many races? These small race tracks that we race at depend  on a good turn out of cars to have a good racing program. Try to make a commitment to race occasionally at these tracks. A two day weekend of racing takes place next weekend July 29-30.  Make sure that you make your motel reservations in advance. It is a small town. New drivers this is a good time to sharpen up your driving skills.

The board has done a good job in setting up a season ending banquet with a lot of good merchandise and point money. Included is a brand new Legend chassis with a points payoff.

We have a new driver, Paul Himler of Erie, CO. He has purchased the car from Tim Cooper and will race as a Master. He will be racing the number eighty-eight. In a telephone conversation with Jim Stevens he agreed to this. Jim will be the 88x car when he races. Jim is in the process of building a new home and may only race a few times if possible. Paul hot lapped at CNS last Friday and took the car to I-25 last Saturday evening to get some experience. In talking with him on Monday he said that he would try to race a lot of races this season. Another driver in the Master class should be a big help to points seeking drivers. The master class used to be a
division of many drivers that raced with the RMLRA.

Several drivers have elected not to race this season. The RMLRA needs cars to attend races and keep this division going strong.

Engine problems have been a big contributor to low car counts possibly. Many drivers have had some bad luck lately with their engines. 2016 has taken drivers out of their cars while looking for sponsorship to replace an engine. It has been very hot lately and you need to try to  not over heat them to much during practice. Remember this, to go fast you may need to go slow to learn how to race. Racing close sometimes has contact and crashes occur. These can become expensive to all race teams.

We have several drivers in their first season of Legend car racing. Watch for them as you are racing on the track. They may have a tendency to change lanes at the wrong time. Make sure your transponders are charged up and your Raceceiver is on channel 165 during practice and races. See you in the pits Saturday.

Another subject to mention is that there are several drivers trying to race without an INEX license. Please take care of your license by sending in your application.

Racing at Big Country Speedway July 9, 2016 was a double feature with two different winners. Adam Pechman and Scotty Scott were your winners. With a small turnout of cars, two were disabled with engine problems. Drivers thank you for your support.

In a race at I-25 on saturday evening in a non points race for the RMLRA, five cars were on hand.