RMLRA Newsletter - 7/25/2012

posted Jul 25, 2012, 12:35 PM by Admin RMLRA

Legend racing is back this weekend at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo. Let us put together a strong field of cars this Saturday evening. In my last Newsletter I reported that we had seventeen cards on hand for the race. We were almost to the twenty cars that we would like to have there on a race day. Again thanks to the great group of cars that came up from New Mexico to help put on a great race. Thanks for coming up to race with us it is always good to see all of you. Also a big thank you for David Hondel traveling down
from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Colorado racers let us try to put a good field of cars on the track this Saturday evening. We are also looking for some of the new drivers to put their cars on the track for the first time. In looking at the RMLRA points web page it shows that we have had forty-two cars on the track racing this season. I hear reports of several cars that are down with damage and engine problems. I hope that those of you who have met with those problems will soon be back with us.

For those of you who read this from New Mexico I am sorry that I did not get to publicize your race last weekend. By the time I received the information, I could not get to a computer to write something up for the web page. I am back in Colorado after a two week vacation to visit with family back east. I have my own mailing list at hand and ready to inform all of you on the Newsletter list. Don't forget to visit our RMLRA.org web page. We have the latest points and a classified section to buy or sell parts.

Looking forward to the races this weekend and maybe not to much hot weather.

See you in the Pits.