RMLRA Newsletter - 7/25/2021

posted Jul 27, 2021, 3:26 PM by Admin RMLRA


The RMLRA travelled to Cheyenne Saturday evening. Ten Legend cars made the trip to race at Intermountain Speedway. Just your reports thoughts but we could use a few more cars at the smaller speedways. Colorado National is getting a very good turn out of race cars but a lot of damaged cars at Colorado National. Sammy Haugen won the Bandolero Main. Six cars were on hand to race.

Legends and Bandoleros will race at I25 Speedway Saturday July 31, 2021

There are two really good weekends of racing coming up with very large pay offs. You can find all the information that you need at Facebook RMLRA. Check your schedule on your racing weekends. Sometimes the schedules get changed.

Hi Way 92 Raceway Park
Hi Way 92 Raceway is proud to announce our 3rd annual Battle of The Bluffs brought to you by Laticrete.

August 13th and 14th 2021 in Gering Nebraska

Legends Car Drivers from all over the country will battle it out for a two-night racing event with over $10,000 in prize money! Friday night sparks will fly as drivers battle door to door for $750 to Win, 2nd will take home $450, $250 for 3rd, $200 for 4th, $150 for 5th, and $75 to the rest of the field that starts the main event. Saturday night the heat only gets hotter with a smoldering $2500 to Win, a cool $1000 to 2nd place, $750
to 3rd, $500 for 4th, $300 for 5th, $250 for 6th, $200 for 7th, and $150 to the rest of the field that starts the main event. Drivers and fans who have not been to the area make sure to reach out to us Via hiway92raceway.com for some great lodging options.

You will not want to miss this show as it is sure to be a hot one.

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your weird neighbor down the street with the fake plants in his yard, tell everyone you know… We are going 2-night Legend car racing at your home for fun, Hiway 92 Raceway.

Brought to you by your home for construction Laticrete!

July 28, 2021 Legends @ CNS $5,000.00 to win

Please read article on this event at Colorado National Speedway web site.

Tanner Scarberry with winning both mains was also the top qualifier Saturday evening with a 14.109. Tanner also was a winner of the Trophy Dash. Hayden Moody won the heat race.

Legend Main #1
1. #37 Tanner Scarberry
2. #69 Hayden Moody
3. #89 Zach Morris
4. #03 D L Stewart
5. #99 Tessa Marine
6. #90 Chasen Groff
7. #12 Bryanna Bruce
8. #38 Garrett Wilson
9. #95 Jessilyn Dike
10. #34 Patty Sylvester

Legend Main #2
1. #37 Tanner Scarberry
2. #90 Chasen Groff
3. #99 Tessa Marine
4. #89 Zach Morris
5. #03 DL Stewart
6. #69 Hayden Moody
7. #12 Bryanna Bruce
8. #95 Jessilyn Dike
9. #38 Garrett Wilson
10. #34 Patty Sylvester

Trophy Dash
1. #37
2. #90
3. #99
4. #89
5. #03

Heat Race
1. #69
2. #12
3. #95
4. #38
5. #34

Bandolero Main
1. #98 Sammy Haugen Centennial, CO Outlaws West
2. #33 Dillyn Kellogg Denver, CO Bandits West
3. #68 Wyatt Dent Brighton, CO Bandits West
4. #21 Madilyn Lange Wheatland, WY Bandits West
5. #23 Javon Barnard Outlaws West Northglenn, CO
6. #16 Emmalee Phelps Outlaws West Cheyenne, WY