RMLRA Newsletter - 7/3/2020

posted Jul 7, 2020, 9:04 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jul 7, 2020, 9:04 AM ]

RMLRA news to pass along this weekend before the racing begins, was last weekends two days of racing at Hwy 92 Raceway Park in Gering, Nebraska. As always this reporter thanks all the drivers in both divisions that made the trip to enjoy the racing events.

Friday evening Tanner Scarberry won his first Legend main in a very close race over D J Stewart.  Congratulations on his first main racing his Legend Car. Darrell went on to win the other two races over the weekend. Approximately eighteen Legends were on hand for the twodays of racing which included a double main on Friday.

Twelve Bandolero cars were also on hand representing the RMBRA. Rookie Gracie Crocker also won her first main event in her bandolero as an Outlaws West driver. Andrew Jones won the Saturday night main. In the Bandolero Bandits division, Wyatt Dent took the Friday night main with Huston Wells winning the Saturday night main. Again congratulations to all of you drivers that made the trip to support the racing programs of the RMLRA and RMBRA.

I am trying to keep up with the results from the tracks and pass them along to INEX to post. Sometimes this reporter makes a few mistakes in copying and sending in the form to INEX. Remember as a car owner to check the results posted in the pits before leaving the track on the finish of the main. It is very hard to go back and correct the results unless you have videoof the complete race at the finish line.

This weekends racing program was shortened when CNS had to cancel the Friday night show due to the restriction of no fans in the stands due to the virus.

Racing this Saturday will include a fast main and a regular main providing there are many Legends on hand to race at CNS. The first night of races at CNS had thirty two cars in the pits.

On Sunday the races will be in Cheyenne at Intermountain Speedway. If I have noticed anything new this season is the turnout of our first year drivers. Keep up the good work. It is the cars on the track that put fans in the stands where that is possible for fans to attend.

Other important information:
  • Each racers 22 best races will count towards the RMLRA championship. That was shortened from 25 in a meeting at the track Saturday morning. The reason is the shorter season.
  • The purse for the short track challenge this season is $5000+. Every short track race counts. We will pay for sure the top 10 drivers, hopefully more. We will release full purse details soon! Specialty flooring is the sponsor.
  • Stickers needed for RMLRA points: Fortress (above the window), Leary, Specialty Flooring (we will hand them out. We are thinking above the rear window)