RMLRA Newsletter - 8/11/2020

posted Aug 11, 2020, 10:22 PM by Admin RMLRA

Darrell J. Stewart wins “The Battle of the Bluffs” this past weekend in Gering, Nebraska.

Darrell won both features that were all part of the big racing date which had several divisions of cars at the track. Thanks to John Ulander and his crew for planning this weekend of racing. With all of his good strong finishes this season Darrell J. Stewart has found his way to the top of the RMLRA point standings. The defending RMLRA champion has had a lot of top finishes in the mains and that has brought him the top of the standings, Tanner Scarberry a second year driver is in second place with DL Stewart in the third position. Alfred Matthews fourth place and Scotty Scott holds down the fifth spot. This does include the races at Hwy 92 this past weekend.

Bandolero Winners Friday Chasen Groff won the Outlaws West main and Huston Wells won the Bandits West main. Saturday evening had two different winners with Zachary Morris winning the Outlaws West main and Ryker McConahay taking the checkered flag in the Bandits West main. Some news from the Bandolero division has two new drivers possibly moving into a Legend car towards the end of the season. I was told that they were possibly hot lapping the car on Thursday. Crocker Motorsports has added a new Bandolero driver to the field. Daughter Makenna drove this past weekend in the #75 Bandolero. Crocker Motorsports has two Bandoleros and one Legend racing this season. Thanks everyone for supporting these cars.

A good turnout of Legends and Bandoleros were on hand for the racing weekend. For all the new drivers this season that are turning out to race every weekend, thanks for supporting the program. I always think that drivers become better drivers by driving the quarter mile tracks and gaining a lot of seat time or experience on these tracks. It is good to see Paul Himler back on the track again. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on the total story, but you know that both the #78 & #88 were stolen with their trailer over a month ago. Apparently the #78 that Ashlyn was driving was found. Good to hear some good news on the Himler Racing program. Car
owners that think they might have a problem, there is a transponder that can be purchased I have been told at a reasonable price to install in your trailer to help locate or know when it is being moved. The best of luck to anybody that may have this possible problem.

The RMLRA will have this upcoming weekend off and then return to Intermountain Speedway August 22nd for a double points night of racing. The RMLRA will be back at CNS on August 29th to finish the month of August. The RMBRA shows them racing at Intermountain Speedway August 22 & 29. The August 22nd date is also a double points for Bandoleros.These dates have been known to be changed so stay advised as to where your next race date is. The posted schedule on the RMLRA web site is pretty solid except for I-25 Speedway. They may not reopen but we will keep you posted on any changes.

Legends Main 50 laps Saturday August 8, 2020
(all results an races are unofficial until posted by INEX)
1. 30 D. J. Stewart
2. 3 Wayne Barlock
3. 87 Tim Trostell III
4. 6 L. Scotty Scott
5. 44 Alfred Matthews
6. 03 D L Stewart
7. 37 Tanner Scarberry
8. 91 Martin Gatzulis
9. 2 Brett Reid
10. 35 Todd Hamann
11. 71 Colton Crocker
12. 99 Tessa Marine
13. 42 Jim Bowman
14. 78x Paul Himler
15. 69 Hayden Moody
16. 72 Cynthia Robb
17. 78 Ashlyn Himler

Legends Main 25 Laps Friday August 7, 2020
1. 30 DJ Stewart
2. 37 Tanner Scarberry
3. 6 Scotty Scott
4. 44 Alfred Matthews
5. 3 Wayne Barlock
6. 03 DL Stewart
7. 87 Tim Trostell
8. 71 Colton Crocker
9. 78x Paul Himler
10. 99 Tessa Marine
11. 42 Jim Bowman
12. 72 Cynthia Robb
13. 59 Brinna Phillips
14. 78 Ashlyn Himler
15. 63 Charles Starcher
16. 91 Martin Gatzulis
17. 2 Brett Reid
18. 69 Hayden Moody

Bandolero Outlaws West Main Saturday Saturday August 8, 2020
1. 89 Zachary Morris
2. 22 Andrew Jones-Crull
3. 12 Bryanna Bruce
4. 77 Chasen Groff
5. 07 Aubrei Hilton
6. 67 Kayleigh Swenson
7. 98 Sammy Haugen
8. 78 Gracie Crocker
9. 75 Makenna Crocker

Bandolero Bandits West Main Saturday August 8, 2020
1. 03 Ryker McConahay
2. 68 Wyatt Dent
3. 88 Huston Wells
4. 33 Dillon Kellogg

Bandolero Outlaws West Main Friday August 7, 2020
1. 77 Chasen Groff
2. 89 Zachary Morris
3. 98 Sammy Haugen
4. 12 Bryanna Bruce
5. 78 Gracie Crocker
6. 22 Andrew Jones-Crull
7. 67 Kayleigh Swenson
8. 75 Makenna Crocker
9. 07 Aubrei Hilton-Perry

Bandolero Bandits West Main Friday August 7, 2020
1. 88 Huston Wells
2. 68 Wyatt Dent
3. 03 Ryker McConahay
4. 33 Dillon Kellogg