RMLRA Newsletter - 8/5/2016

posted Aug 5, 2016, 3:35 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Aug 5, 2016, 3:35 PM ]

The RMLRA would like to thank everyone that has been attending the races the past couple weeks of racing. We understand that it can be expensive and time consuming so anytime you spend racing at the track with the legend series is much appreciated.

Remember the RMLRA does not have any control anything to do with tech, or any calls that happens at the race track during race weekends. If you have questions or concerns about a call that has been made please in a professional manner ask the track chief steward before you leave for the night. After a certain amount of time the calls cannot be reversed. Drivers please remember that you are responsible for your crew, and can possibly be fined or suspended because of their actions. A little give and take, and some grace these last couple months of racing will go a long way. All of us racing are doing it for fun, please remember that! We are one big extended family.

This weekend will be double features at Colorado Speedway. We will not have heat races, but each race will be awarded National Points. The RMRLA will give points for the first feature event. As of now the first feature will be 20 laps, and the second will be 25 laps. After speaking with Jim at CNS he has given us some extra time in between features to get the cars cooled down. He has commented numerous times that he appreciates how easy the legend car group is to work with. This will be paid as a single feature event. Please thank CNS officials when you get a chance. People lose sight of how great of a racing facility it truly is.

The September 24th race date in Gering is shaping up to be an exciting race weekend. The actual race is on Saturday night and is Gering’s annual High Plains shootout weekend. We will have a large purse that is soon to be revealed. We also have RMLRA embroidered bags filled with goodies that will be given out to RMRLA drivers attending the event. Please make plans to attend.