RMLRA Newsletter - 9/2/2016

posted Sep 2, 2016, 2:41 PM by Admin RMLRA

Rocky Mountain Legends Racing Association Newsletter August 31, 2016

Hello everyone, back from my vacation in Canton, Ohio and I will try to catch up on the latest news and information.

My first week away and the action was very costly to those cars that were involved in the accident as the feature started through turn three on the first lap. I don’t know what happened but it did happen and many unhappy drivers from what I read. This Saturday evening the RMLRA will return to CNS to race and I hope that most of the cars will be back. I would like to welcome Nathan Brasz of Firestone, CO to our RMLRA racing program. He is licensed as a Semi-Pro. Welcome back Travis Roe who has been out of action this season due to the highway accident in which father Tommy was a innocent participant.

A message from the Board relayed to the mailing list dealing with emotions and responsibility of drivers and crew to remember how great a organization that we race with. New drivers to Legend racing I always tell them to go fast you must first go slow to learn what it is all about. Speed comes later when your confidence grows. Enough said.

This past Saturday evening at I-25 Speedway a good turnout of fourteen cars started the feature. Rookie Cody Dempster captured his second feature win of the season in winning the National Qualifier. Just a big thank you for everyones participation at the races at all the tracks.

Just six RMLRA point races left to race in the 2016 season.

Colorado National Speedway Feature August 20, 2016 results (unofficial)
1. #22 Chris Eggleston
2. #15 Danny Medina
3. #6 L. Scotty Scott
4. #30 DJ Stewart
5. #46 Zach Witherwax
6. #48 Cody Dempster (R)
7. #19 Larry Pachello
8. #20 Kynzer Riddell
9. #37 Nathan Brasz
10. #51 AJ Canada
11. #26 Chris Brunker
12. #17 BreAnn Adkison
13. #88 Paul Himler (R)
14. #10 Adam Romero (R)
15. #2 Chris Cox
16. #16 Travis Roe
17. #66 Kyle Clegg
18. #23 Austyn Radosta
19. #32 Blair Cooper (R)
20. #47 Jason Hulvey
21. #9 Terry McBride
22. #25 Adam Pechman
23. #1 Jereme Wall

I-25 Speedway National Qualifier August 27, 2016 results (unofficial)
1. #48 Cody Dempster (R)
2. #6 Scotty Scott
3. #25 Adam Pechman
4. #46 Zach Witherwax
5. #16 Travis Roe
6. #30 DJ Stewart
7. #19 Larry Pachello
8. #71x Matt Martinez
9. #59w Charlie Wilson
10. #47 Jason Hulvey
11. #8 Eric Hipkins
12. #56 C/M Ratzlaff (R)
13. #59 CJ Wilson
14. #6x Phil Peconi