RMLRA Newsletter - 9/26/2011

posted Sep 27, 2011, 2:53 PM by Admin RMLRA
RMLRA racing returns to Colorado National Speedway this Saturday evening October 1, 2011. According to what has been released, the October races start two hours earlier than the regular summer race events. Heat races start at 3:00 PM instead of 5:00 PM. Please check the CNS web page for times as it has not been posted as of this morning on what time the practice sessions will be held. The weather looks good for this Saturday evening. Looking for a good car count this weekend.

The Asphalt Nationals will be in Las Vegas, October 26-29 and several of you are planning to attend. Drive safely if you are planning to go to the Asphalt Nationals.

The season is quickly winding down, with just two racing dates left on the RMLRA schedule. The RMLRA is a volunteer organization and everyone from the president, vice president, secretary-treasuser and board members are people who try to keep things running and well organized. Elections for the 2012 season will be coming up soon and if you are interested in running for an office please let one of our 2011 staff know. I did see a line or two on another web site where someone may not have been happy about a tech official. We asked at the beginning of the season if anyone was interested and only one person inquired about the job. The tech official is very important to our Legends racing and rule book. We race cars with strict rules and it sometimes comes down to a go or no-go gauge determining if the specs are in according to the rule book. Legend Racing is a spec class form of racing. Occasionally someone pushes the rule book to far and that is when the tech officials step in and make their rulings. On a normal race night, the top five cars from each heat race are required to go to tech. Basic items such as wheel base, ride height and the width of the car sometimes are checked. In the feature many other specs are checked. Fuel and carbs are often checked along with many other checks on the frame and what might be in your engine. Stick to the basic rules and learn how to drive the car fast and it will get you headed to the front of the pack when the feature is over. Driving ability will get you to the front.

There has been many new car owners added to the RMLRA list this past season and I personally hope that you have all enjoyed your first season in a Legend. Several rookie drivers have joined us this year and they have done quite well for themselves.There has been much interest in our Legend racing this summer and I can tell you there will be several cars added to our organization for 2012, as several perspective drivers are already asking for information and car numbers for 2012.

Sometimes things don’t go as well as expected but we hope to see everyone back again next season. During the off season if you are looking for parts or trying to sell make sure you contact the RMLRA classified section to buy and sell items. Don’t forget to purchase your parts from our Legends dealership here in the Denver area. Leary Racing Products has been a major sponsor of the RMLRA with trophies for the banquets at the end of the season, and many other unseen donations.

As mentioned last week, the points race is coming to a close and it looks like the blind draw at the banquet may determine the 2011 champion.

One other thing to mention to drivers that have not had your car on the track this season, you do have a possibility of someone claiming your number for next season. Your number is protected by your use of the car once a season with a paid RMLRA membership. There are a couple of cars that will fall into that category when the season ends.

Also wanted to mention that the #23 sedan that Mike Morris drove has been sold out of state and has been replaced with a new coupe. Mike debuted the car last week at CNS.

See you in the Pits.