RMLRA Newsletter - 9/30/2014

posted Oct 23, 2014, 9:56 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Oct 23, 2014, 9:57 AM ]

Season ends with a low count, Awards Banquet In November

The local racing season has come to an end, but several drivers will be making the trip to Las Vegas next week for the Asphalt Nationals. I just want to say that we are all behind you and wish you all a safe and successful  week of traveling to Las Vegas and racing. I have heard that Danny Medina has a car ready to take to the Nationals. Danny has a lot of  experience on the track. While winning a few features he has seen some tough times on the track. Jon Krizman had a great finish in the Masters class about four years ago.

Invitations to the Banquet were sent out and we would like to see a good turnout at this event. Unser Karting at 7300 Broadway in North Denver will be the place to be on November 1, 2014. Please try to get your reservations in and plan to attend this event.

A meeting will be held in early January to elect officers that will be stepping down after two years helping the RMLRA to provide a good racing program for Legend race car drivers. At that time many questions about the 2015 racing season will be discussed. For new members joining the RMLRA, the rule book is posted at USLegendcars.com.

There are several good looking cars for sale on our classified section at RMLRA.org. Be sure to tell people about these cars if you know someone who is interested in buying a Legend race car.

What Lies Ahead In 2015

The strength of the club is the car count that we have at Colorado National Speedway. The weak side of this is the cars that did not travel to race at the tracks that have been on the schedule for many years away from Colorado National Speedway. What is going to happen to Big Country Speedway? If they would happen to close the track down, would Hwy 92 possibly go to a Saturday night racing schedule. I-25 Speedway is a great Legend track but needs cars to travel and race on this track. Colorado National Speedway is not the track to learn how to drive a Legend car if you are a novice. If the 2015 schedule has races at these tracks get out and learn how to drive and race your car. I have seen many a Legend car damaged really bad by drivers trying to learn how to go fast at CNS.

There may be a few drivers not returning too race next summer. Going off to school and not being around to race will effect a few drivers. I can tell you that there have been a couple of cars bought late this summer for the 2015 season. Maybe there is a chance that your car may not return to race in 2015. Please notify me if that is your decision. We try to keep the RMLRA web site up to date with our drivers and numbers.