RMLRA Newsletter - 9/3/2013

posted Sep 5, 2013, 9:39 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Sep 5, 2013, 9:40 AM ]

RMLRA-Labor Day Weekend Off-News and information September 4, 2013

RMLRA members, I hope that you enjoyed the three day holiday weekend, and received some needed rest and time off to work on your cars. With three races left in the 2013 season, Chris Cooper has a twenty point lead over Darrell Stewart and Wayne Barlock. The chase for the 2013 Cup ends September 28 at Colorado National Speedway. The October race at Colorado National Speedway will not count in the local points. I did notice that the race has been put on the national schedule. Our next race is this Saturday, September 7, at CNS. Hope to see many of you the track.

Just my thoughts on last Saturday nights racing. It has to be a big disappointment to many drivers that we had the race go green, white and checker so early in the race. Everbody should know that we have a thirty minute window to complete our race. A big amount of our time was used in oil clean up. I don'y know what caused the oil to get on the track. Drivers should try to protect the front end of their cars as much as possible in heavy traffic. Oil coolers are located up front on the car and banging bumpers could cause damage to the cooler which leads to oil on the track. Driver and car owners the season is coming to an end. Make sure you take care of your weekly maintenance on your car especially the oil lines.To win the race and eventually the championship you must first finish the race. It would be safe to say that many of our drivers are pretty much rookies and second year drivers. Several of these drivers have not found the fast lane on the track and are running in the back of the pack during feature races. To the drivers who have supported and attended many of the races away from CNS. My feeling is that more experience will be gained while racing on the shorter tracks and you are always in traffic which makes you drive your car in stead of driving down the longer straight aways at our bigger race track. These are just my thoughts and I am not trying to pick on anybody. Be comfortable where you are racing and always watch and listen while the race is going on.

National Points, I-25 has been updated

For those of you who keep an eye on the National points, you will see that I-25 has updated their requirements and the points from the races that were run earlier this season are now shown as completed races.