RMLRA Newsletter - 9/7/2017

posted Sep 7, 2017, 11:11 AM by Unknown user

Season nears end as last five race dates remain

It has been a long season and the standings show two drivers that have raced twenty-six features this season. The RMLRA points chase is very close and it may come down to the last race of the season. Drivers placing themselves in position to race for the national championships in Las Vegas at The Bullring October 12-14 are still in progress and you have to check those standings weekly to see what is the latest news on those points.

Drivers that have raced away from the RMLRA schedule, can see their efforts on the USLCI web page when checking the points standings. To those drivers that have made time to race in all these races, a big congratulations to you for your dedication to Legend racing.There have been great turnouts of Legend cars at Colorado National Speedway this season. We have had a couple of cars this season that were destroyed in some bad wrecks while racing. A couple of cars with some bad luck keeping their car running and getting to the track. A few cars signed up to race but have not been out to the track this season. Maybe next season will be good for you.

As we get ready to race at Big Country Speedway this Saturday evening, a big thank you to those of you who have supported these races on this track. As many of you know this track is fighting to stay open. The  newsletter is always appealing to drivers to support this track. When all car counts are low it may effect people making a decision whether or not to come out to the races. Fans in the grandstand will keep this race
track open. Thanks to Carol Adkison and her sponsorship of Fantastic Sams Hair Salons that help promote and sponsor the RMLRA races at Big Country Speedway. For those of you that help run and maintain this race track during the season, thanks for your dedication to the sport.

So far this season thirteen feature races have been raced this season at Colorado National Speedway, Five at Big Country and Hwy 92 Raceway Park and three at I-25. All these tracks have races remaining to finish the 2017 season. A doubleheader at I-25 and CNS will add to the schedule. The last race at Hwy 92 Raceway Park in Gering will be a double points race for RMLRA points. This race date is a afternoon race and scheduled to start at 2:00 PM. This race is the Hwy 92 SHOOTOUT.

The RMLRA Board of Directors met Wednesday evening to discuss many items. No information to release right now. Also want to thank everyone that is taking care of the INEX license situation. Do make the trip to Big Country Speedway this weekend and enjoy the races.