RMLRA Newsletter-June 3, 2010

posted Jun 3, 2010, 1:13 PM by Admin RMLRA

The track announcer at I-25 asked me to pass along this information to all Legend drivers. He will mention you and your sponsors if you take the time to fill out your driver profiles for the I-25 Speedway. It may not seem like much, but this is the way you get your sponsors mentioned. Please send these profiles to Scotty so we can get you on our RMLRA web page. Also send photo of your car for the web page.

I would like to say again how nice it was to see so many cars at I-25, Saturday night. We have had some bad nights when only 10-14 cars were on hand. I think the track was happy to see so many cars, and rewarded us with a thirty lap feature. There still are a few cars that have not made it to the track, and I know that several of the cars that were on hand Saturday night will not be there. Now is the time to load it up and bring it to the track. The Raceceiver seemed to work pretty good in the feature and did not have any problems. To those of you who came to me to work on your Raceceiver, I hope we figured it out. Please make sure that you have a good battery in your Raceceiver before you start the evening. I recommend the DURACELL PROCELL battery for use on the track. Also take some time to have your headsets checked out to see if they are working properly. I also switched to the microphone head set during the feature. If you noticed a difference let me know.