RMLRA Newsletter - March 2, 2013

posted Feb 10, 2013, 10:13 PM by Admin RMLRA



A tentative date of March 2, has been set aside for the yearly set up class for new drivers entering the Legend racing division. Last season the class was held at the same location. Tim Cooper who owns Creative Welding in Frederick will host the class again. Located just about three miles north of Colorado National Speedway, it can be accessed very easily off the frontage road that runs parallel to I-25. This class is welcome to all car owners who would like to learn many of the basic steps to setting up your race car and all the other items that can help you find out why your car is not handling well. This class is free and contacting Tim Cooper is all you need to do. Phone # 303-776-9741.

Several drivers showed up at the meeting with their INEX forms filled out. At that time, Kyle McCartney asked drivers to mail their applications to INEX in North Carolina. Please take care of that ASAP and you will be ready to race for points on opening day. If you need an INEX application, you can download them from the USLegends web page.

Rookie of the year rule change regarding eligibility @ CNS
Thursday, 24 January 2013 21:45

New 2013 changes: You cannot apply for rookie status if you've competed in a division higher than the division in which you are applying for rookie status. For example, if you have raced as a Pro Truck you cannot apply as a rookie in the Super Stock division. Order of divisions: SLM, LM, PT, GAM, SS, MOD, F8, LEG, PS Rookie honors will be available to CNS divisions; Super Late Model, Late Model, ProTruck, Grand American Modified, Super Stock, Figure-8, and also the Legend division, provided the following requirements are met: Driver may not have competed in more than 5 Main Events in the specific division he/she wishes to compete in for Rookie honors. You must declare rookie status by marking the “Rookie” application block noted on the Vehicle Registration Form. A completed rookie application must accompany a completed car registration form. To be
eligible for rookie status the driver cannot have competed in an upper division, and may have to provide CNS management with adequate experience information if requested. If two or more competitors are tied in points at the season’s end, the CNS Rookie of the Year will then be determined by: 1) total number of Main Event wins; (if still tied), 2) total number of Main Event second place finishes, etc. respectively, until the tie is broken.