RMLRA Newsletter- May 14, 2010

posted May 14, 2010, 1:12 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 14, 2010, 1:16 PM ]

This will be the last weekend off during the season for quite awhile if you plan to try and race many of the scheduled races.  The schedule gets real busy starting next weekend. At Pikes Peak International Speedway, there have been a few races added for your benefit to race on a Friday night and then race at I-25 Speedway on Saturday. Those dates are June 18, August 6, and September 17. Two road course dates are set for October 22-23, October 5-6. So far I have heard nothing about RMLRA points for these races. As soon as they are sanctioned there will be national points for those races on the quarter mile track.  Watch your www.uslegends.com  web page and national schedule for more information.

The weather does not look so good if we were to try and race this Saturday with rain in forecast most of the weekend.

CNS track announcer Marc Moser had a great Winners Circle chat after last weeks feature win with Chris Eggleston. I hope you had the opportunity to hear it. Chris commented on several things and did a great job with the interview.

An error in the last newsletter had Darrell Scott leading the RMLRA points. Needless to say it should have been Darrell Stewart. Hang with me fans as I sometimes forget to proof read my articles before pushing the send button, and these errors show up.

At last weeks race many of you tried the new Federal tires that were available for you to use. It seems like many BFG tires were put on for the feature as the tires were slow to break in.

I received an e-mail from the Ethan Hunter # 37 racing team and it was reported that he had broke his arm on Sunday while participating in a motocross event. He will be out of action for about two months. Tough luck as he was just getting started this season.

The #10 car of Garrett Park will be going up for sale and will be listed on our web page. It will be listed as a roller. Sorry to hear that he will be heading in another direction with his racing.