RMLRA Newsletter January 9, 2010

posted Jan 13, 2010, 10:22 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Jan 22, 2010, 8:37 AM ]
A very good turnout of drivers and RMLRA members this Saturday morning.  Thanks to all of you who showed up to help elect the officers for 2010.  Elected were:

  • President  - Phil Peconi 
  • Vice President  - Mike Leary

  • Secretary-Treasure - Kyle McCartney

  • Board Members -
    • John Krizman

    • Dan Clegg

    • James Bandstra

    • Gary Kopp

Items discussed this morning was, the new tire that will become available later this spring. Tires have been ordered by INEX and are not available for sale until later. These tires will be made out of the USA. Tire tests show that these will be good tires and possibly $5.00 cheaper. All present tires that are being used will be good until they need replaced if you so decide to run them. There will be no effective date to remove the present BF Goodrich tires that are on cars. Tires can be ordered at Leary Racing for the season, but again they are not available for possibly several months.

Also mentioned this morning that mufflers are required at all tracks nation wide, where Legends race. This is in the rule book. Also Larry Lambert, local tech official,  brought up the new fuel testing rule. Any change of color in the test will be automatic disqualification. This is a new program from INEX beginning this season.

A meeting for February will be announced later this month, and a possible set up class will be announced.

A discussion this morning for training new drivers before taking to the track.  This would include all the young drivers that need to get some seat time before actual racing begins. Three new drivers were added to my list this morning. Adam Pechman a young driver out of Quarter Midgets will practice on the tracks this summer before getting into competition. Eric Stedman out of Colorado Springs will be entered as a Young Lion. Jim Ellison of Littleton has purchased the car of Rick Rusk that Alan Duncan rebuilt. He will possibly be in the Semi Pro Division.