posted Mar 31, 2011, 11:03 PM by Admin RMLRA
For those of you who finished in the points race last season, there is a rumor that your check should have reached your mail box by now. With all the changes being made at U. S. Legends this winter there has been a lack of communication on their part. INEX licenses and rule books are being sent out late due to rule books not printed. Federal racing tires or the lack of them not available to many drivers until the middle of April, or possibly later. The announcement by U. S. Legends that the asphalt nationals will be held in Las Vegas in late October. Colorado National was one of the tracks that had been on hold through the winter with hopes of hosting the Nationals.

The beginning of the 2011 RMLRA season starts next weekend April 9, 2011 at Colorado National Speedway for the Legend racers. Please note that the races will start two hours earlier than normal race dates due to the possibility of cool weather. Preliminary heat races will start at 3:00 PM with the National Anthem played one hour later. Pit gates should be open at 9:00 AM.  Please check the Colorado National Speedway web site for updates and information pertaining to the races. Big West Racing will have this information available for you also. As mentioned in the past previous Newsletters, the RMLRA will have a new field of rookie
drivers on hand this season. These drivers will be racing Legends during a race for their first time, and for veteran drivers, please try to be aware of the rookies on the track the first couple of weeks of the season.

This reporter has been active with the Rocky Mountain Legends since 1996 and have always looked forward to the start of the season. Drivers try to eliminate the bumpers and pass with driving ability. It will help keep the expenses down.

At last count we have thirty-three cars signed up for the 2011 season. If you have not already joined for the season please get a copy of the membership form on our RNLRA web site and send it in. As of today we are still looking at the possibility of three more drivers purchasing race cars and joining us. I received a message on the web site inquiring about racing at Highway 92 in Gering, Nebraska. Message sent back to him was, we could not field enough cars to race there this season. I also mentioned that we have a good field of new drivers for this season, and we will try to get back there in 2012. We used to have a lot more drivers living up north that would support the Friday night program. Some of those cars have been sold and relocated to the southern part of our membership.

Pete Dellarco driver of the #13 legend sedan finished sixth last season and will be back to try and improve on his 2010 finish. Pete will be in his third season if driving and gets his good looking around the track in real quick time. Pete and his family purchased a race car from Hansen Racing in 2009 and entered a handful of races and has learned how to get around the track. Look for good things from him this season.