RMLRA Newsletter September 23, 2010

posted Sep 23, 2010, 9:07 AM by Admin RMLRA

Thanks to all of you who made the trip to I-25 Saturday night. It may not seem like much but it does mean a lot when we have good turn outs for our races. At most tracks we do have a bonus in our pay outs when we have more that the number required to have a normal Legend pay out. As most of you know the smaller the track and when there are less fans in the stands, is when our pay outs are very small. So just to let you know it is important to try and make the races. Kyle Clegg has won the track championship at I-25.

Our next race will be held at Big Country Speedway this Saturday evening. For some of you, you made need this race to meet the requirements for the point’s championship. The point’s season comes to an end October 2nd at Colorado National Speedway.  Races and points have been updated on US Legends web page.

On October 9, 2010, PPIR will be holding a race that was postponed from September 17th. The INEX point’s season will be over and this date should be an open date for anybody with a Legend race car, licensed or not to bring their car to the track and race it. When I say anybody I mean any car sitting in a garage may bring it to the track and race it. Racers should treat this race like any other, as trophies and prize money will probably be given out. If there is any change in this format I will post a Newsletter updating this announcement. What this means, is PPIR is looking for possible cars to race next season on their race dates. So if you have a car that is sitting in the garage or maybe you would like to let your mechanic drive it, this is the time. You will have to pay the standard pit fees when entering the track. If you are not a member of INEX, your own health insurance and track insurance will be your insurance in case something should happen.

Troubleshooting Raceceiver Static

I talked with Raceceiver today and explained some of our static problems with the drivers complaining of static when the engine is running. I don’t know if this will work but drivers are recommended to use your in line volume control. Turn Raceceiver on, set volume at low setting. Use your in line volume control to adjust to your comfort zone. Apparently too much power going into these small speakers. Try it and we will work on it at the track. Other wise you can ask Santa for a new Raceceiver for Christmas. Hopefully this solves some problems. Is there anyone out there that could possibly figure out a resistor to put on the alternator to quiet the noise such as in the old days when a resistor was placed on a generator or alternator to quiet the static on your car radio?

Legend Car #60 Sold

Dave Richard of Peyton, Colorado has purchased the #60 car of Keith Law. We talked to Dave Saturday night at I-25 Speedway and he plans to go all over the car and have it ready to race next season. He has already asked for a number and it will become his as of March 1, 2011.

Remaining races for 2010

September 25 @ Big Country Speedway
October 2 @ Colorado National Speedway

October 9 @ PPIR (non points race, looking for cars for 2011