RMLRA results I-25 - 7-13 & 7-14

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Kyle Clegg and Ryan Jones win Race Central Media Legends Races at I-25 Speedway

Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14 were the first dates that the RMLRA hosted the early Sunday morning
race. Twenty race cars were on hand Saturday as the hot weather disappeared late in the afternoon with a littlerain in the area and a lot of clouds to hold the temperatures down and made the racing conditions very good. Randy Rooker racing out of Peyton, Colorado was on hand for his first racing attempt in his number sixty-four Legend. It was his first attempt at racing his car, and as a rookie he stayed out of trouble and finished his first Legend feature. Randy elected to sit out the second feature. This car was previously driven by Garrett or Josh Richard in 2012. Randy bought the car this summer.

Kyle Clegg made his first appearance at I-25 Speedway last night and won the feature in a good race right up to the finish. This was his first feature win of the season. Ryan Jones, Chris Cooper, Scotty Scott and Darrell
Stewart were your other top five finishers. Stewart also led for a few laps. Seven cars did not finish the race.
Wayne Barlock damaged an oil cooler and did not race in the second feature.

Joshua Jackson was the top qualifier of the evening with a 14.126. Pete Dellarco won the six car ten lap trophy dash. Pete celebrated his birthday on Sunday but could not pull off a feature win for his big gift if he had won.

Two weeks, Rest Time

After many weeks of racing the next two weeks have no races scheduled. The RMLRA will return to I-25 with
their next scheduled race August 3. This is followed up with the two day weekend at Gering and Cheyenne. Get your motel reservations in now. The RMLRA Points chase will be in effect for the next eight races.

SRL Tour Legends Race In Utah

This race that is scheduled at Rocky Mountain Raceway, July 20, is a National qualifier. It has been reported
that many good cars travel with this tour. If someone decides to go, get as much information as possible before heading west to Salt Lake City.

30 Lap Feature Results
1. Kyle Clegg
2. Ryan Jones
3. Chris Cooper
4. Scotty Scott
5. Darrell L. Stewart
6. Josh Richard
7. Adam Pechman
8. Zachary Witherwax
9. Chappy Adkins
10. Sidney Ross (R)
11. Patrick Manchego (R)-2
12. BriAnn Adkison (R)-3
13. Randy Rooker (R)
14. Joshua Jackson-16 DNF
15. Wayne Barlock-16 DNF
16. Cameron Morga-16 DNF
17. Bill Seip-16 DNF
18. Cory Seip-16 DNF
19. Shane Skaggs-19 DNF
20. Pete Dellarco-30 DNF

10 Lap Trophy Dash
1. Dellarco
2. Clegg
3. Jones
4. Jackson
5. Scott
6. Barlock

10 Lap Fast Heat
1. Cooper
2. Richard
3. Stewart
4. Skaggs
5. Pechman
6. Morga
7. C. Seip

10 Lap Slow Heat
1. B. Seip
2. Witherwax
3. Adkins
4. Ross (R)
5. Manchego (R)
6. Adkison
7. Rooker (R)

The second feature started at 12:01 AM and featured good close racing for the first place trophy. Ryan Jones
finally moved into the first place spot after good close racing with Joshua Jackson and Kyle Clegg. All three cars held the lead during the race. The crowd that was on hand to see the earlier races had left and only a small crowd watched the final feature. Ryan Jones raced hard and won the this thirty lap feature. This was his second feature win of the season. Joshua Jackson, Kyle Clegg, Scotty Scott and Chris Cooper all raced hard and finished in the top five. It was a long day if you drove home after the races.

30 Lap Feature July 14, 2013
1. Jones
2. Jackson
3. Clegg
4. Scott
5. Cooper
6. Richard
7. Skaggs
8. Stewart
9. Pechman
10. Dellarco
11. C. Seip
12. Witherwax
13. B. Seip
14. Cameron
15. Ross
16. Manchego
17. Adkison
18. Adkins