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ZACH FRAZER RACING and CamberCutters Tires

LOVELAND, COLORADO | August 27, 2018 | Gary Cagle, CamberCutters

Zach Frazer got started riding motorcycles early. In 2009 his grandfather, who had partially owned a NASCAR Nationwide Series team, bought him a 600 Racing Bandolero. He took to it fast winning several races in the opening year for Zach Frazer Racing (ZFR). In 2011 he stepped up to Legends. He started with a sedan and won several races; always finishing strong. 2014 saw the car damaged beyond repair as it hit a wall from a competitor’s motor blowing up and oiling down the track. 

Frazer made the move from California to North Carolina in 2015 to work for Biagi-Denbeste Racing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. He worked on all sides of the car from setup to fabrication and traveled with the team to the tracks. Later that year he bought a new Legends coupe chassis and body to build from the ground up.
2016 ZFR decided to focus on local races back home; a 2-track championship in Lakeport and Ukiah, CA. ZFR contacted Gary Cagle at Camber Cutters to supply tires for the season. Cagle and ZFR quickly sparked a winning partnership. They discussed tire cuts and came upon one that worked extremely well. He won 5 out of 13 races that year and was never out of the top 3.  That consistency was partially due to the CamberCutters tires. ZFR won the championship that year.

Zach is now concentrating on finishing college at Boise State and will continue to race when time allows.
Some of the tracks ZFR raced were—
  • Madera Speedway
  • Stockton Speedway
  • All American Speedway
  • Ukiah Speedway
  • Lakeport Speedway
  • Redwood Acres Speedway.