RMRLA Newsletter - 3/23/2019

posted Mar 26, 2019, 12:37 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Mar 26, 2019, 12:40 PM ]

Good turnout of cars for practice Saturday March 23, 2019

Opening practice at CNS for everyone and it was good to see many of you out there. A little windy and cold but a good turnout of new cars and drivers. Several cars have made the switch to the new FZ09 engine. We had approximately eighteen Legends in the pits on Saturday and there were several rookies making their first laps in a Legend race car. Several Bandoleros were also turning practice laps. In watching and observing these new drivers I would recommend that you try to get on the track and practice as much as possible. This is the time for the new drivers to get used to their cars. Getting comfortable with your car is the most important thing. One more thing to pass along to all drivers is that these practice sessions are learning times in your car.
Give yourself some time before racing side by side. Most of the new drivers after feeling comfortable in their car will have to learn to pick up speed, to possibly qualify for a main event in case we have a large turnout of cars. If you are very slow in your car you will want to get to the track and practice as much as possible.

All rookie drivers will be required to have their rear bumpers covered with yellow tape to allow drivers behind them to be aware of a rookie driver in the car. Remember to have the Raceceiver turned on to #1161 so we can talk with you. Also remember in case you spin out to engage the clutch avoid breaking a starter. The starter on the engine is engaged all the time and does not turn backwards. We had a starter lost on a first year driver on Saturday. Save yourself some money and place this bit ofinformation in your memory bank.

Next Practice March 30, 2019 @ Colorado National Speedway 11AM-5PM

We are scheduled to practice next Saturday March 30th but the forecast for that date is not looking good right now as of Monday. In case we get rained out, try and make the April 6th practice date in Cheyenne. This will be a learning class for new Legends and all Bandoleros. Please try to attend this practice. More information next week.

Please fill out your form for the RMLRA membership and mail it to Tim Cooper we need your support. Also remember come race day you will have to have your INEX license. If you need help with these forms you can reach me at 303-903-4824