posted May 23, 2014, 10:53 AM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated May 23, 2014, 10:56 AM ]


The three day weekend of racing is upon us and it will be a fun weekend of racing. As is my request when these three days are here, take your time and be smart while racing especially the first two nights. Nobody wants to go home with a damaged race car. On the way to the tracks and on your return home, do drive safe. We do not want to hear about any traveling mishap.

Although I will not be there on Friday and Saturday nights, Jacob will keep me up dated and the racing information will be released on Big West Racing.

The RMLRA officers met Wednesday evening to sort out the coming events for this three day racing weekend.

As we all know their is possibly a weather problem coming up this weekend with a lot of rain that has been falling in Northern Colorado. It may be effecting the city of Gering, Nebraska. I will try to keep you advised on the weather for the next couple of days.If something comes up please check your email as much as possible as I will post as soon as I hear anything. Thunderstorms are predicted for Gering on Friday and Cheyenne on Saturday. Not to be negative but it could be a little damp this weekend.

As far as a car count goes it might be down a little. Graduation comes into play this weekend with several people involved. A good chance for drivers to get out and enjoy your racing hobby.

There are a few drivers that have not applied for their INEX License as of Wednesday. Please remember that you must have this license to attain points and cover any injuries that might come from racing. The USLegends web page has changed and the updates have been slow in coming.

Dan Clegg has assumed the responsibilities as President for the remainder of the season. Tim Copper will move from Board Member to Vice President. Mike Gallegos will move from alternate board member to board member.

If there are any questions please give any of the current board members a call or see us at the track.

For the upcoming Rocky Mountain Shootout Wayne Barlock and Derek Peckman will have fuel if needed. They will not be collecting money for this. You will need to see Jon Clute.