Short Track Weekend Results

posted Sep 20, 2015, 8:36 PM by Admin RMLRA

Rocky Mountain Legends find checkered flags on last road trip to the short tracks

Cars racing with the RMLRA ended the short track season as we call it on Friday and Saturday. Friday evening at Hwy 92 Raceway Park in Gering, Wayne Barlock who always runs strong on that track won the feature event. Eleven cars were able to make the trip to end the season at Gering. Taking into consideration that school is in progress we were very fortunate to have eleven cars show up to race. For those people who are involved with the race tracks in the scheduling of races it might be very considerate of them to not schedule friday night races with several drivers in school. It is something to think about since we do have several young drivers that make up our group of drivers. Craig Coughlin a long time competitor with the RMLRA may have made his last trip to Gering as he has indicated that this might be his last season of racing.

Cars were traveling on Saturday to Big Country Speedway and I-25 Speedway for the last race of the season at those tracks. It doesn’t happen often but two tracks scheduled on the same evening should not have happened. Both tracks may suffer from the two races scheduled on Saturday. Car counts have been a little low lately but, to those of you that have raced all season we thank you. We have lost several cars due to accidents on the track. I was unable to attend the races this weekend and am relying on conversations from drivers and information posted on Facebook. Please excuse all the information that I may have missed.

RMLRA points race down to last two races

With only two races left in the season the points race is very close at the top. The top drivers have been eliminating their lowest point races ran earlier in the season. The computer is working overtime this weekend.

Hwy 92 Raceway Park - Gering, NE

Wayne Barlock won the twenty-five lap feature friday evening. Darrell J. Stewart and Scotty Scott were second and third place finishers. DL Stewart and Corey Seip finished out the top five places. Adam Pechman lost and engine while running third in the feature.

Hwy 92 Raceway Park 25 Laps (unofficial results)
1. Wayne Barlock
2. Darrell J. Stewart
3. Scotty Scott
4. Darrell L. Stewart
5. Corey Seip
6. Zachary Witherwax
7. Bill Blevins
8. BreAnn Adkins
9. Craig Coughlin
10. Eric Hipkins
11. Adam Pechman DNF (engine)

Big Country Speedway-Cheyenne, WY

Scotty Scott who has had several second place finishes this season took his first checkered flag in a feature race. Twelve cars were on hand last night. Eric Hipkins #98 blew an engine during hot lap practice and did not race. DJ Stewart had quick time in qualifying. Kyle Clegg won the trophy dash and Brad Tilton and DJ Stewart won heat races. Drivers talked about the meet and greet with the fans at intermission and said what a great time they had.

Big Country Speedway 25 Laps (unofficial results)
1. #6 Scotty Scott
2. #30 Darrell J. Stewart
3. #03 Darrell L. Stewart
4. #17 BreAnn Adkison
5. #19 Larry Pachello
6. #47 Jason Hulvey
7. #9 Glen Tilton
8. #66 Kyle Clegg DNF
9. #98 Eric Hipkins DNF!
10. #4 Brad Tilton (wreck lap #1)
#97 Bill Blevins DNS Blown Engine
#3 Wayne Barlock JR DQ

Legends Quick Time
#30 D. Stewart 14.092

Trophy Dash
1. Clegg
2. Scott
3. DL Stewart
4. Adkison
5. Pachello

Heat #1
1. B. Tilton
2. Hipkins
3. Hulvey
4. G. Tilton
5. Adkison
6. Pachello

Heat #2
1. DJ Stewart
2. Scott
3. Clegg
4. DL Stewart
5. Barlock

I-25 Speedway-Pueblo, CO

Adam Pechman won the feature race saturday evening and also claimed the Legends points championship at i-25 for the 2015 season. Adam also had quick time. Travis Roe won the heat race. After racing at Gering on friday evening the three cars of Pechman, Seip and Witherwax made the trip to i-25 for saturdays races. It was a long trip but everybody arrived safe but a little tired.

I-25 Speedway (unofficial results)
1. Adam Pechman
2. Travis Roe
3. Corey Seip
4. Zach Witherwax
5. CJ Wilson
6. Terry McBride

Quick Time
Adam Pechman

Heat Race
Travis Roe

Last two races of season at Colorado National Speedway

Looking for many drivers to compete at CNS for the last two races of the season. I hope to see you there. The last race will be the Challenge Cup race.