Tech Update - Wheel Weights --- 3/21/2017

posted Mar 22, 2017, 9:03 AM by Unknown user

Remove wheel weights from tires

Monday morning and not much information to pass along to the drivers and owners. I did receive an email from our tech inspector asking me to pass along to you that wheel weights are not permitted on your race car at
Colorado National Speedway. New drivers racing this season, this has been a rule as long as I can remember.
Scotty followed up with John Clute to make sure make sure we understood, and that we had the exact wording for the wheel weight rule.

So, the details:
  • This is a CNS rule that they are making a point of emphasis on this year. This is to avoid the weights from coming loose and flying into the stands, etc. They have asked our tech guys to enforce this also.
  • This rule includes both the stick on and crimp on style weights. No wheel weights of any kind allowed.
  • If weights are on the wheels, it will result in an immediate disqualification.

Just making sure everyone knows before we get to the first race of the season.

Some great information to pass along was the Chris Eggleston victory at the K&N West series in Tucson, AZ last weekend. Congratulations for the win. Chris who drives the #22 Legend car and races at CNS when
his schedule permits. A great start for you and here is hoping for a very successful season. Bring back the championship. You can read the article about his victory on Big West Racing if you have not done so