RMLRA Newsletter - 18-MAR-2012

posted Mar 18, 2012, 6:43 PM by Admin RMLRA   [ updated Mar 18, 2012, 6:43 PM ]
RMLRA News March 18, 2012

Just going to pass along some information to the membership and friends of the RMLRA. Saturday the weather was great and you could not have asked for any thing better than what we had for the first day of inspections and hot laps. Seventeen cars were on hand and as always many new painted cars showing off their new looks to many people. The hot lap practice went well and with only spin outs by the new drivers in their first times on the track, there was no contact worth talking about. Expectations were high as the drivers all talked about their first times on the track. Inspections and
hot laps will continue for the next two Saturdays. Pit gates will open at 11:00 AM instead  of the 10:00 AM time this past Saturday.

After the practice at CNS a set up class was held at Tim Coopersʼ shop and four or five drivers were in attendance. More information on this set up class as I receive it. 

Remember to get your INEX license and get registered with the RMLRA if you have not done so allready.

#3 Wayne Barlock
#4 Brad Tilton
#6 L. Scotty Scott
#06 Mike Gallegos
#11 Jessica Savage
#13 Pete Dellarco
#14 Jereme Wall
#19 Larry Pachello
#21 Ryan Jones
#25 Adam Pechman
#33 Ryan Gaylord
#34 Chris Simon Cooper
#36 Josh Richard
#37 Garrett Richard
#58 Kyle Ray (2 cars)
#77 Brandon Moore