CNS Results - 7/5/2013

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Jason Irwin takes “Race Central Media Legends” feature win at Colorado National Speedway.

If you donʼt know what the Irwin family does on holiday weekends they race and travel and they win. Jason who won Thursday evening in Las Vegas, jumped in a plane and flew back to Albuquerque early Friday morning and then drove their truck and trailer to Denver and continued to have fun by winning a feature at CNS that started thirty Legends. He may not have any problems getting to sleep tonight.

Chasing Jason Irwin to the checkered flag was Danny Medina, Kyle Ray, Kyle Clegg and Chris Cooper. The top five all finished within 2.687 seconds of each other. It was a very good feature tonight with only one caution flag. Cars appear to be in good shape for Saturday night. Thanks to all of you who had to work on Friday, before coming to the track for the races. We also missed the rain which fell very hard just North of here. The report looked bad on television. The Race Central Media Legends will return to CNS on Saturday night as they wind up their two nights of racing for this weekend.

There were thirty-two Legends in the pits but engine problems put the number twelve of Cody Castor back on the trailer for the night. It was reported that he blew his engine.

A total of four cars were on hand from Albuquerque. Robert Gayton a Master, Isaac Sherman a Pro, and Nick Jennson a Young Lion. The car of Isaac Sherman suffered damage in hot laps when the drive shaft came loose and several other things happened that I missed on. He lost it coming down the back straight away, kept it off the wall and came to a stop with many pieces on the track. They could not repair the car.

It was hot and very humid throughout the day and when it started to cool off, a lot of speed was found on the track. Kyle Ray was the top qualifier with a 18.677 He would also record the fasted lap in the feature with a 18.500. Twelve cars were under nineteen-seconds in the feature.

Legend Feature 25 Laps
1. Jason Irwin, New Mexico
2. Danny Medina
3. Kyle Ray
4. Kyle Clegg
5. Chris Cooper
6. Chris Eggleston
7. Mike Gallegos
8. Scotty Scott
9. Wayne Barlock
10. Ryan Jones
11. Peter dellarco
12. Darrell Stewart
13. Adam Pechman
14. Cole MacEwen
15. Josh Richard
16. B. Seip
17. Nick Jansson, New Mexico
18. Kynzer Riddell (R)
19. Mike Webber
20. Christopher Brunker-1
21. Robert Gayton, New Mexico-1
22. Larry Pachello-1
23. Sidney Ross (R)-1
24. Billy Blevins-1
25. Chappy Adkins-1
26. Dillon Foster (R)-1
27. Terry McBride (R)-1
28. Jessica Savage-2
29. BreAnn Adkison (R)-2
30. Tim Mein (R)-19

Trophy Dash 10 Laps
1. Jason Irwin
2. Eggleston
3. Cooper
4. Clegg
5. Ray
6. Medina
7. Scott
8. Jones
9. Gallegos
10. Dellarco
11. Stewart
12. Barlock
13. MacEwen
14. B. Seip
15. Richard
16. Pechman

Legends Heat Race 10 Laps
1. Nick Jansson
2. Brunker
3. Webber
4. Riddell (R)
5. Blevins
6. McBride (R)
7. Foster (R)
8. Robert Gayton
9. Pachello
10. Ross (R)
11. Savage
12. Adkison (R)
13. Adkins (unofficial)
14. Mein (R)-5
DNS Isaac Sherman

Legend Car #52 Eric Hipkins has notified me that he has marked down his car to 7K. This car is a coupe and was previously owned by John Krizman. Please contact Eric at if you know somebody that might be interested. Photos of the car may be seen at the RMLRA web site, classified section.